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  1. Theory of Poker (General, some Razz)Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players SklanskyHigh Low Split for Advanced Players (O8 and Stud8) Ray Zee
  2. I also think betting with the CO raising might knock people out that you really don't want out of the pot (since you are drawing to both nuts), whereas check-raising (especially if CO just calls it) almost guarantees 2 bets from everyone.
  3. CO will be betting 100% of hands on the turn here I think, either A2xx or a high hand wanting to charge low draws. If it's your goal to get as much in here as possible then I'd check raise, because I'm not sure you'll get to bet/3bet too often. Personally I prefer to check-call, but I'm a weak O8 player.
  4. I think tourney stakes might matter here.
  5. This is what I'm thinking, probably slightly less than a 2:1 dog against something like AAxx, which makes the call marginal. Preflop is obviously fine.
  6. AA, AK, and 66 seem unlikely. I'm guessing he has 87s exactly, maybe A7s. (I don't think we're ahead)
  7. Sorry, got confused, would've been helpful if you changed SB bets to HERO bets or Hero bets methinks. In light of this new information , I'll edit my original post.
  8. I think leading out is a bad idea because there are so few hands that might call us that we can beat and I'm not sure we're going to fold out any marginal hands that are beating us because of the flop check. I think check/folding is best based on UTG being able to call a potsized bet on the turn -- do you really think he'd do this with the naked Ah (or other hearts)? I guess we might be able to rep a flopped flush, but the pot is so small and your opponent could very easily have flopped the nut flush himself.
  9. I call because it's likely ZeeJustin is dumping chips to one of his accounts.
  10. I'm not saying this is a bad idea, but I think new players tend to give up a lot by playing even 100BB deep because they often have trouble finding folds with their AA type hands. But I guess at the same time, this might be alright because at these limits you might be burning money instead of cashing in on crazy action. Like with AA on a KQJ board, you are likely to find opponents at this level willing to ship in 100BB with K7.
  11. I'd start at 0.05/0.10 NL buying in for $5, I don't think it's a great idea for newer players to play 100BB+ deep and unless I'm mistaken (which I could be), the buy in for .01/.02 would still be 100xBB = $2 no?. If you lose 4 buy ins, I'd drop down. Learn to play tight poker, since that's all you need at these levels to win.Edit: I personally find minbet poker to be much easier than NL at lower limits. I sold stars play money on eBay 3 years ago, turned $11 into over $2000 in just a few months grinding up the limits, starting at 0.02/0.04 HU to 5/10.
  12. We're not waiting for a random hand as much as a better spot. I'll take XX in the CO when it's folded to me with 450 rather than push with this hand and stack with 8 players behind me -- but that's just me. I can certainly see trying to build a stack and the other logic, but I'd prefer a better chance to pick up a hand or the blinds than little chance to pick up the blinds and less than 50% chance to win the hand when I am called.
  13. I also say yes to ATC q.
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