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  1. really cant see that happening.But I would KILL to see it done.
  2. #2Whiny little bitch if you ask me
  3. I have never seen a more boring game in my life.I feel sorry for Boston Season Ticket holders, having to watch that crap every night
  4. I appologize, I totally forgot about this yesterday.My pick has been sent.Go Leafs Go
  5. WOW, I wonder how many hands/hr you see with that many problems in a night.PS I hope you're never going back
  6. YAY....it's about fricking time we get a "Gameday Report".I've never really understood all the pressure Blake is putting on himself. sure he scored 40+ last year, but it's not like he is playing poorly. The guy has played quite solid so far this year......I hope the goals come when they really count.
  7. Why not, Im in as VosgrathShipped $2 to ThePhoenix88
  8. Im sure the refs will even it out. I just wish all refs could be consistent so I could actually tell WTF a penalty is now.
  9. I think it will be hilarious if Detroit loses........knowing my luck, they will
  10. Why you gotta Hate, Cappy. And it's your fault I play Ace-Rag
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