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  1. Had 20k. AQ<KQ for 40k and a top 5 stack. Double up, then AK<AQ and I'm out.
  2. JesseW is back to full time and interested...Current P5s pageThat's without playing all summer long
  3. I'm going to go ahead and believe that I wasn't picked because I'm too much of a baller. That excuse makes me feel better.
  4. Maryville this semester, MSU next semester, unless one of my friends gets kicked out of his frat at Mizzou, then I'll be going to Mizzou and buying a house with him.
  5. actually lol'd at that, never would have guessed he had it in him to make me smile. Lol touchy? My bad man, it was an indiscriminate joke directed at a person with few posts, not specifically you. I make the same joke if it's Phil Hellmuth as long as it's right after he joins and has few posts. I'm really not a post-nazi
  6. Doesn't have to be much, I'll trade however much you want
  7. You know it's been awhile when I'm getting pwnd by n00bs already knew most of that, except Ally, BG, and Brandi
  8. Interested in getting some tilt money? I'm lookin to unload mine for stars.And FWP asked me to post here to confirm that I'll probably play so that I can get the ball rolling for his tourney.
  9. These are two of the better ones I've started.WhoopsMy superthread
  10. After taking the summer off to hang out with friends/party, I'm back to playing full time. I'll also be back here posting quite a bit I'm sure, and I'll be online to talk to all of you when you're shit wasted/high. So since it's been so long, what'd I miss?
  11. Application shipped, and I also talk to you eighty times a day so you knew that already
  12. It's a Mustang. You are not the town baller. If it was brand new and you stole it, you still would not be the town baller. It's a Mustang.
  13. Has anyone used their player points on Stars to get the Stubhub.com gift certificate, or has anyone used stubhub before that can give me a review? I'm looking to use some of my points to get 200 in gift certificates and use those to buy tickets for me and my friends to the Dave show coming up in July in Chicago. I figure I can then basically get the tickets for free since I'll get plenty of FPP's back as I play, and I can then sell the tickets to my friends for a little lower rate, but I don't want to use that many of my points without knowing that stubhub is a good site and will come throug
  14. hahahahahahahahaha awesome
  15. I totally read this and didn't realize it was old. I was not happy when I read that JC was busto.
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