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  1. You obviously don't read Red Wings boards, being at the top of the NHL defintely isn't good enough.
  2. Heaton


    I thought the Wings couldn't do well without "buying" their teams? :oops: Go Wings!
  3. Hey DN...I sent you a PM with a ton of great hockey links.
  4. http://flamevault.com/~heaton/Hockey/03111...2datsyuk1a.mpegIroncilly I know a few guys who have done the Hisey move in practice, there's almost no situation that it could actually happen in a game time situation.
  5. Yeah, I was thinking that, but there's not much left
  6. It's geared more towards offense, but defense is usually the backbreaker. and I'm not sure if you caught but it was a 16 person league, McGahee was the first pick and he was a monster last year and showed no signs of slowing down. Warrick Dunn is always solid, it was shown all last year and during the playoffs, TJ Duckett will get about 35% of the carries. Kerry Collins is always a good fantasy QB and with Randy Moss he may jump up towards 30 TD's this year easily and almost 4000 yards, Drew Bledsoe was also very solid last year in fantasy and although he doesn't have the same targets as la
  7. My Final Draft, tell me what you guys think, it was a 16 person draft, 12 people had keeper picks (its a long running league) I had the 16th overall pick. The way it went way, round 1 was offensive keepers, round 2 was defensive keepers, we got to pick from the other players left who werent kept. Round one 16th pick I took McGahee, Round 2 pick 17 I picked Keith Bulluck, the reason of my team looks like this:QB Kerry CollinsQB Drew BledsoeWR Terrell OwensWR Roy WilliamsWR Derek MasonRB Willis McGaheeRB Warrick DunnTE Jermaine WigginsBench PlayersRB Travis HenryWR Ronald CurryWR Bobby EngramQB
  8. I heard the defensemen will be Phillips, if that's true, the Thrashers made out like bandits.
  9. for dany heatley, an unnamed defensemen has also said to been in this deal, it'll be announced at 5pm.http://tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?id=134320
  10. Forsberg was never a person you could build a franchise around, just like Lindros, dominant when healthy, but never healthy enough to be trustworthy enough. The players who fit the mold are the Joe Sakic's the Steve Yzerman's, they're more of the reasons why the teams won the cups. If Hatcher can return to form, he'll be dominant, but that remains to be seen, Rathje was the 3rd best defensemen on SJ and I highly doubt he'll be any better in Philly. They'll be good, don't get me wrong, but I'm putting my money on Calgary this year.
  11. No, it doesn't count towards his game stats, and for the record, don't expect more than 15 shootouts throughout the entire season.
  12. How won't the NHL survive? It's virtually impossible for the league to lose money now.
  13. Are you seriously stroking yourself over "board credibility"? Haha, Keyboard Toughguys are the best.
  14. he's a little irrataed =pedit: and he's typing like he's drunk.
  15. Grats on making a good guess?
  16. he got knocked out yesterday.
  17. Personally, I think DN may be overracting some on the nicknames that Phil Laak and Chris Ferguson has, #1 Phil Laak has the nickname soley because of the hooded sweatshirt that he wears and that he acts a little crazy, Chris Ferguson has the nickname because well, he has long hair and a jesus-like beard, I really don't think that comparing Phil Laak being called the unabomber and the off chance that someone gets the nickname "hitler" really is in the same league. I mean, Men "The Master" could offend some black people couldn't it? Obviously that's not the first thing I would've thought of, b
  18. uh perhaps it was a misclick? I know I've done that a few times.
  19. start cuing up the "We would've won if Duncan's ankles were healthy! posts!
  20. Shaq scored what, 23 points per game? Exactly what he averaged last year in the finals, didn't seem to hinder him much. As for Wade, he missed game 6 because they were PLAYING for game 7, they didn't even want to win game 6 and it was evident. The Pistons are just a better team. period.
  21. Yeah, personally, any defense in basketball is bad, we need to have 200-180 games, that'd be really fun to watch. If you don't appreciate the complete game of basketball, you're not a true fan.
  22. Even if they were healthy the Pistons would've still beaten them, but regardless, if they were healthy, you would've come up with other excuses. Injuries are part of the game, Rip was hurt McDyess hurt himself tonight, Prince wasn't playing all that well in the early part but the Pistons pulled it out since they are the best starting 5 and the best complete TEAM in the East and hopefully in the NBA once again.
  23. Perhaps I worded it in a confusing way, but the question I asked is basically exactly what your WSOP pool is about.
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