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  1. why would you have to quit? neteller is not the only 3rd party in buisness. there will be others.sure, if neteller was the only way to fund your poker account, i could understand that, but this is far from the end of the world. it sucks, certainly. but there will be other ways around the United States Fatwa.
  2. while the main event certainly will see a drop, the other prelim tourneys dont have alot of online sat qaulifiers and they get like 2,000 entrants.Im thinking the main event will probably get like 2-4K in entrants still.Now, as far as handing me a check for 10K?Im either going to pocket it, or play a bunch of prelims and have a kick *** time in vegas. I wonder how many people would actully buy in for the 10K if given the cash.
  3. im sorry but the original poster is acting like an idiot. if you want to post this as an interesting article that is fine.but to say "poker stars days are numbered!" is bull ****. by doing that, im sorry, but that is like yelling fire in a theatre. and you are an ******* for that. sorry to be so blunt.do you think there is not another bank out there willing to do buisness with pokerstars? do you really think stars hasent thought of this?come on man, use your head.
  4. 100% INCORRECT. Your not an idiot, but you havent learned proper thinking when it comes to sample size and variance.
  5. add in that neteller is staying, and i would say that i feel much better about his whole thing.F**K you Bill Frist and the neocons.Vindication baby! official stars statementhttp://www.pokerstars.com/legislation/uigea/
  6. http://cardplayer.com/poker_news/news_stor...class=PokerNewswoot!
  7. Blair Rodman is one of the very few pro's that actully take the time to post trip reports, essays, opinions, etc to internet forums. I can see why not alot of them do it, and wouldnt be suprised if he stopped. The sad thing is, I mean if you really think about it, how misrable does your life have to be where a guy like Blair Rodman who is a well respected member of the poker community makes a passonate post about poker the game we claim to love, that you have to somehow fill the gaping void in your life by ripping him? How sick is that?
  8. delphi, i was referring to BANKING experts. not politicians.it seems futile to argue this since you either know more than the people who RUN the banks, or you are so misinformed that you actully believe that being a bank teller make you an expert on how **** is run by rich people.we will see who is right, i'll put money on the experts. good luck
  9. there is a litney of articles with banking experts as well as people who RUN the banks, as well as the bill's wording that makes this post laughably incorrect.check your facts, just cause you worked at a bank doesnt make you an expert, you might want to read up on the bill and what the experts are saying before making posts like these.of course, maybe you know more than they do.
  10. DOW JONES NEWSWIRESOctober 11, 2006 12:31 p.m.A Neteller PLC executive said the British company, which handles payments for online gambling companies and others, will continue to operate in the U.S., despite the recent passage of antigambling legislation."We are staying in the U.S.," said Bruce Elliott, Neteller's executive vice president, marketing and sales, told a online gambling conference in Barcelona. "I don't think we have a very big problem."...woot
  11. your posts are seriously the most incorrect and misinformed posts that i have ever read. what im not sure of is either if you are this stupid, or you already know this and you are doing it to f**k with people.
  12. someone ban this "rowdy" clown. it took a while but it didnt take long for some misinformed loser to try to get everyone to panic.your posts are so wrong and inaccurate that its laughable. so laughable that anyone who believes you is a fool. (i mean that with all due respect.)
  13. You are your son are awesome people. You seem to have a level of enlightnenment few people atain. You have my admiration and respect. People could learn alot from you and your son. Also, now that its been confirmed I will comment on it. I couldnt tell because espn edits thing to look a certain way. But it did seem that DN really was genuine. Now that Little Matts dad has confirmed it, I have a great respect for DN also.He didnt just visit for 5 minutes and sign an autograph like many celebs would. He took much time out of his shecdule and actully bonded with Little Matt and built a relationshi
  14. perhaps you will find that if you stop berating bad players you will find less jerks. why would you tell a bad player he is playing badly? that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard.people like you ruin it for everyone. YOU WANT PEOPLE TO PLAY BAD AGAINST YOU!!!!!!!!
  15. you are getting bent out of shape because AA loses in a 7 way pot?dude, learn the game. wow.
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