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  1. No, I understand where you want this discussion to go. I can see why he makes the plays he does, he's probably setting up action in the future but how many times do you make a -ev play to set up a +ev play in the future. Yes the line is thin. Trust me no one thinks you raggin' on DN. Sure he could be setting up plays but pro's make mistakes too. Maybe he had to be sure he had K's to sleep at night. You're right he is a world class player, but we will never know his reasons.
  2. This has actually become one of my leaks in low stakes poker. For some reason when a hand arises and I'm sure of my opponents cards and I'm sure that he has me beat but why did he bet what he bet, when he bet it? It's an issue of finding out information at a low cost and gaining information.Most of the time you're calling a value bet on the river or something to find out what your opponent had but that's -ev poker.If you look at "calling opponents to get information w/ the outcome of a loss" and no future information we're playing -ev poker.BUTIf we look at "calling opponents to get informat
  3. LOL, keep it rollin'.James D Please post! I want that avatar... mmm
  4. If you can find someone under 50 let me know.
  5. I agree. So I will not be posting here any longer unless I play live.
  6. Dude, they're great.Thanks for reminding me, I've been a carls JR guy for a while now. Superstars are off the chain!
  7. Laughlin poker is the best! The flamingo has some low limit games.Think of Laughlin as a small Vegas. You'll have a great time if you just mob around. One of the casino's has this enormous collection of coy fish that's pretty awesome to feed if you get the chance.The bowling alley is a great place to drink and have a great time w/ all 100 lanes. I can't remember the casino's but they're all in walking distance.Flamingo is the only place I've played and I did a little hit and run at 3/6 limit for about 75 bucks to pay for all my drink and gas getting up there and I was out!HAVE FUN!and good
  8. I thought they could have added the feature to bypass 'Frist' and let me deposite real money but I guess not?
  9. She's also a she. Most fathers wouldn't want their child around a bunch of degenerate gamblers who masterbate to child pornography half the time.The other half it's gay porn.
  10. Congratulations!Your handle should be:ImmanuelKantKonigsberg, East Prussia (Kaliningrad)1724-1804Lutheran; PietistThe Critique of Pure Reason; The Critique of Practical Reason; The Critique of Judgment; Metaphysic of Nature; Metaphysic of Ethics; Religion within the Limits of Pure ReasonHe definitly should have been a poker player Hope I win the $20, peace.
  11. 85% of statistics are made up.p.s. James D your avatar is off the chain as "they" say.
  12. Flush, great comment! Listen to this man.
  14. That fear can be a good thing. You should have a sense of cation when you see A3 when you have kings because the opponent has outs to beat you. About you're luck; I'm pretty positive this is just a downswing like usual.I havn't played in a while like 3 weeks and the first time back to the casino my aces and kings get cracked back to back w/ rivered bd straights. I was pretty distraught but a month ago I won a 550 dollar pot w/ QQ's against KK's so you gotta give or take a little in the luck department.Luck - the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping c
  15. They're assuming that you're going to be knocked out no matter what LOL.
  16. He's obviously being sarcastic; come one man (SW) FYP
  17. LOL, alright, rickers out! HAHAWe'll PM for all the details, who has a big *** house w/ a nice garage?***EDIT***I've got a buddy with amazing chips and who doesn't have a table top they bought off ebay?
  18. I could have called that your wife was of the pacific islander decent, lol.100k isn't bad at all! You need at least to make that much to live in California w/o any problems.Good luck w/ all the schooling, hopefully i'll be there soon.
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