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  1. There is no such thing as a losing player. You make them think they are on a bad run, or just plain unlucky. Or else the game becomes unprofitable. Remind them the times of which they won. When this happens, they stay in the game. Then they just are unlucky. But you will never find someone who is a 'losing' player
  2. so far with my research i can see there a decent 100 tourney at the colrado belle, nobody mentions any live games like 1/2 etc. I think my main goal is see how many old tight *** men i can piss off
  3. turned 21 last week, parents are takin me to laughlin (yes i know how gay it is and yes id much rather be in vegas) anybody have any idea of any good games? or any good tourneys over the weekend? Im guessing not too many of you played there so just kinda throwin it out there, seein how many responses/flames i get back.Ford
  4. Is it really sad that i have both of those games plugged into my sega AND nes right now? god its good to be a nerd
  5. Whats up everybody, major lurker, seldom contributer (even if thats possible in General anymore). Caught it on my news the other night, seems like my bore of a town is getting poker's first hockey team. We are getting our 3rd hockey team i can remember,(the last one, the Gila Monsters failed horribly and went bankrupt it in like 6 games), we are recieving the Tucson Tilt. no joke. Associated with Full Tilt Poker, even the team logo looks like the Full Tilt logo. Apparently Daniles got his name in this, at least thats what the website reads. www.tucsontilthockey.com. Just thought id share i
  6. Anybody else having trouble finding all the live updates trough Cardplayer.com's newly designed website, usually they have stuff up and running by now, not sure if im retarded or not.Ford
  7. i will as well be getting krunked for daniel this evening, many coronas goin down tonight! Big Congrats to DN! Heres to a great 2006 for DN and FCP!
  8. Date / Time: 2006-01-26 13:59:00 Title: Ahhhh ... Warmth! Log: Daniel Negreanu knows how to get things done. It's no longer freezing in here, and it's warming up to a nice, comfortable temperature. I think the under barely made it! lol
  9. 244 players and only paying Top-18, does that seem right to you? Seems like an odd structure to me...should be paying out more places. This tournament isn't even paying out to the top 10% of the field...just seems strange to me.Kinda weird. But, they're probably top heavy since it's a WPT event and they want the big payouts on TV. You'd think it'd be 24-25 range, though.Isnt it a WSOP event?
  10. i have to agree that pacific is by far the easiest site to make money off of...especially in the smaller SnG's ($5 and $10). tight agressive and you make money everytime!FoRd
  11. i gotta vote for zimmer, the guy seems the most consistent player on this forum. you cant go but 3 nights without seeing at least one zimmer final table/cash post.
  12. Joseph Hacem yelled it at the WSOP after he popped a boner when his opponent moved all in when he flopped the nut flush.
  13. after losing 100BB playing .50/1, jumped up to 5/10 with my whole wad of 175, totallly insane. 2nd hand catch a nut flush against a set, win a 200 dollar pot, putting my bankroll well back over 300, get all giddy and then end up losing it all back in 4 hands. Damn Royal Flush Draw.FOrd
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