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  1. Carl Hiaasen > Dan Brown.I highly reccomend his books
  2. This is the worst book I have ever read. It reads like a 12 year old wrote it
  3. I 8 table 200NL with a win rate of 7ptbb/100. I find it pretty easy
  4. This call is -ev by itself but if your opponents are paying attention it may be good for metagame
  5. I can't see either team getting as many as 16 points. I think it will be a field position fest with Chicago just winning it
  6. they easily could've put in 10 today. Henry missed a sitter and that disallowing of the Pires goal from that set piece was really weak. That wasn't a game as much as it was an exhibition at the highest levelI was at the game and it was unreal could and should have been at least 9. How can that be the same team I've been watching all year. I went to watch training and the new signings trained for 30 minutes and looked awesome. Just hope we get Theo Walcott to play with Henry
  7. I forgot about Mad Skillz/Skillz
  8. Anything by Carl Hiaasen.And the hitchikers guide to the galaxy- it's the funniest book i've ever read
  9. It was a general comment. Not aimed at you keith
  10. Whoever thinks dre is a good MC should be shot. His verses have always been ghost written. Chronic 2001 all his verses were written by Em. No doubt he is a great producer. LL should be in any top 10 IMO as should the wu tang as a collective. Big L was one of the greatest freestyle Mcs ever. I used to like Jigga before he slowed down and basically stole nas' style. Anyway here is my list of fave Mc's in no particular order.1. KRS-ONE and boogie down productions. Anyone listen to criminal minded and tell me that KRS isn't a lyrical genius.2. LL Cool J- Murdered Kool Moe Dee on Jack The Ripper an
  11. Why does everyone say playing poker with not many bb is down to luck when it isn't. Buy SNGPT tools fool about with it and my point will be proved.
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