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  1. i would've folded pre-flop but i'm an amateuralthough i agree with the bowling - at that point you had no other option
  2. but tiffany williamson was not an established pro - you're right that she did play a lot better than espn seemed to think but annie duke has already made a ME final table and won the TOC.
  3. i signed up at the wsop - can i get in that way or do i have to play on fcp?
  4. what's better - or more impressive - making the final table to this years' MEor winning a bracelet in a minor event (excluding HORSE)
  5. call me when u gets heads up with a 3-1 chip lead- that's when i step on the bandwagon
  6. i mean seriously, the guy made 2.5 million and he was world champion. and he always looks like he JUST took his hat off or just woke up
  7. if moneymaker wants to be considered the "godfather" of anything, he needs to invest in a comb
  8. me tooi usually don't play on stars but they have so many good tourneys - the cards are too small
  9. i guess if she wins, she would be the best female player anyway, whether we like her or not
  10. you're right but there's another one with just seafood on the other side of the casino
  11. i would like to see cunningham at least make the final table - other pros always talk about how he's so great but he doesn't get a lot of attention.
  12. do you realize that if annie duke makes the final table, she will be universally recognized as the world's top female poker player - and we'll never hear the end of it.
  13. i've been eating at the rio buffet while at the wsop but i've beening hearing they also have a seafood buffet - has anybody been there?
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