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  1. yah after i folded i realized it was a huge mistake.
  2. out in 6th. made the worst fold ever that crippled me. Picked up 99 utg and raised to 8k which left me with 18k behind and button reraised enough to put me all in. Folded after thinking for about a minute then was steaming after he showed pocket 8's.
  3. Come rail if you're bored. buccsfball26 on stars almost final table of 6 handed pot limit tourney. Not much for 1st but would be a huge boost to my bankroll.
  4. buccsfball26 on stars if the staking is still going on.
  5. buccsfball26 dont have any money on stars right now, need a chance to win some.
  6. i'll stake you into a $.10 turbo in 4 hours. deal?
  7. i agree, one more person, i play omaha hi/lo alot. buccsfball26.
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