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  1. QUOTE(chrozzo @ Thursday, June 21st, 2007, 4:33 PM) UltrasePrevacid - "Probably because you are required to eat whatever you want and can cause acid reflux from too much BK"UrsodialRifampinCiproPulmozymeCalciumDHAZincCarafateIron SulfateADEKVitamin AVitamin KVitamin DTobramycinFlonase - "So the malabsorption couldn't be your only problem, God had to give you allergies"Albuterol - "AND ASTHMA"FloventCotazymeFloventZithromaxPrednisone - "This alone should put weight on you!"i forget the rest
  2. love the double up...new chipleader!!! Good luck Loosh
  3. HowMuchIsIt


    Nice pal, you deserve it for all those times you had to light your cigarette off the stove and then coming back to an mtt only to have your girl call and you bust out. Congrats.
  4. Another good site with back dated data for quite a few months and good reports with hand histories is www.highstakesreport.com
  5. I was in AC two weeks ago and my dad and I are sitting at a blackjack table when the conversation switches to this topic. Dealer starts telling us about the previous night when a regular was in the high limit pit and sat down at a $100 min table. He starts with $500 (No more ever brought onto the table) and gradually runs that 500 up to $285,000. NO ****!! Then part 2 of the story, the dealer said the guy continued to get more aggressive and ended up losing everything back! The dealer and rest of the table was even asking him to just pick up and leave as he was losing it back and he said "You
  6. Best line was when Ivey says they need some cocktails and Gordon is like I'm having whatever you're having and then from left field Lindgren goes "You probably already know what he wants!" Now that was funny. Gordon trying to be buddy buddy and gets the smackdown, he really comes off bad man....never liked him before and I sure as hell dislike him even more now.
  7. Disgusting way to go...man you can't play any better than he did.
  8. So standard for how I run deep in a tourney...guy with the shortstack busted next hand so that cost me an extra $500, still cashed for about 2k.PokerStars Game #7625659791: Tournament #38704395, $100+$9 Hold'em No Limit - Level XV (2000/4000) - 2006/12/27 - 02:52:09 (ET)Table '38704395 30' 9-max Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: Mr. Larry M (11977 in chips) Seat 2: somewhrntime (101152 in chips) Seat 3: HowMuchIsIt (40124 in chips) Seat 5: roothlus2 (96617 in chips) Seat 7: cannoliboy (158276 in chips) Seat 9: JohnnyBax (170854 in chips) Mr. Larry M: posts the ante 200somewhrntime: posts the ante 2
  9. sicko hand with kings...dblgutshot must have to go to work!
  10. This kid is absolutely sick...I wondered if he would do well when he was old enough to play live and shove it back in all the folks faces who ragged on him for cheating but 3 final tables and sitting on 120k @ end of day one of main event is just plain gross!!
  11. Im In...wonderful table draw with scott fischman!
  12. Tre, you playing in the borgata satellite tourney this weekend? I'm playing the $220 on saturday to try and get in sunday's tourney...awfully juicy package!!
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