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  1. <---------------------- I wore the tshirt of the site. Dont be that person.
  2. You know a great place for this question would be www.planetstacked.com
  3. Well daniel used to have a sweet homegame
  4. well your at a table with a friend of mine clayftknight
  5. JasonBo

    Office Space

    Where i work4120 Friedrich Lane in South AustinPeter's in 222, while Lawrence lived in 221. This is in the apartment complex at 10610 Morado Circle. Has been paintedChotchkies The Bank One building (has since become Chase Bank) at 9739 Great Hills Trail in the Arboretum.
  6. GGGGAAAWWWDStop eating grandmas steaks an leave!
  7. if bluffing make sure you have position watch raises in front of you an continuation bet should be good enough to say ill kick your ass
  8. No soaking them in liquid for one minute
  9. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...rue#Post4877157stars banned him to Hi folks -We did our own review of ZeeJustin and unfortunately, found that he'd been playing multiple accounts in several tournaments at PokerStars.* We confiscated the money that he won illicitly.* We closed his accounts and banned him from PokerStars.* We are returning the money he won illicitly to players who were harmed by his actions in those same tournaments.Obviously, we don't like doing this, but the evidence was incontrovertible. We will do whatever it takes to keep our games and tournaments clean.Best reg
  10. http://media1.break.com/dnet/media/content/patiencechild.wmv
  11. first bad handtilted bad and im out
  12. Still in where is all the rail lovewatching me play is like watching fish ****
  13. damb 100k hump 270Pots won without showdown - 32
  14. card dead so im gonna sit awhile they seem to come in spurts
  15. break time 91k in chips first place Last hand had AA
  16. wierd payouts changed have to start stealing a little later 3rd with 88k 2k off leader
  17. i did that to get a loose read on me so i can start playing strong hands for profit
  18. i knew he had aces when he raised i needed that king on the flop then sucked him infirst place i need to slow it up
  19. probably should have bought the one with the nines but to many limpers
  20. as i was replying to this i accidently hit raise with 72 lucky it cmae down 22somthingwarning they call raises with anything k8 an called 600 raise?
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