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  1. Not that anyone really cares but since im forced into B&M's I figured I would play this game in my off time. I miss My weekend at Daniels seems so long ago. God I was fat.
  2. What are they gonna do sue us?*just bought ticket to thailand*
  3. Maybe longer? who knows. Hi all see ya next year.
  4. Member No.: 31,031Means i dont see you.
  5. I would like to say as one of the first members of weekend at Daniels that he is the greatest host you have ever met. I also belive 15k is way to cheap he should charge 50k. This is because what you take away lasts a lifetime and you only live once.Ive actually lost 50 pounds man was I fat back then.Good luck with this Daniel and best wishes from Texas!
  6. well changed jobs bought a house and a Beemer. Mostly been playing B&M I seem to have really good results with that. 3 hour bus ride is getting to me. I have a good bankroll going and ithink its time to switch to online again.
  7. im wondering what are the ways to fund my pstars and tilt accounts. I heard about prepaid cards but not sure which ones. I have chase bank they block funding are there any that allow? Thanks in advance.
  8. Different viewwho is that on the left hand side looks familar
  10. I was playing for a entry to wsophey.................wait
  11. Jamie GoldMalibu, CA 07-Apr-06 United States $ 1,000 No Limit Hold'em2006 Sport of Kings, Inglewood 2nd $ 18,400 15-Mar-06 United States $ 300 No Limit Hold'em2006 Winnin' o' the Green, Los Angeles 3rd $ 14,615 26-Oct-05 United States $ 500 No Limit Hold'em2005 National Championship of Poker, Inglewood 8th $ 1,290 21-Jul-05 United States $ 100 No Limit Hold'emGrand Slam of Poker 2005, Gardena 7th $ 2,050 05-Jul-05 United States $ 1,000 No Limit Hold'em Championship2005 Mini Series of Poker, Los Angeles
  12. An the only thing i regret is i didnt get a group shot.Just to let everyone remeber the full group.I have already lost touch with many of them so if you read thisdrop me a line at jasonbo@austin.rr.com
  13. Your welcome to hang around greg, remeber we were all friends playin around kitchen tables before we won.
  14. New total posted 89831000 so now there is more chips then players listed
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