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  1. this is not no joke account I was asking a serious question. I just got a computer and internet and wanted to be apart of fcp community. I did not think I would get joke replies the first one was alright cause I am from wis, and we take monopoly serious. Now you guys are just being rude, and making your kid cry in monopoly is a big part off the game it teaches them in real life as well. I was just asking what everyone's favorite game was, if it was a joke account i would've said something dumb. I did not say anything dumb Daniel is my favorite poker player and I wanted to be on the site he rep
  2. monopoly is awesome, you ever pocket board walk so when you hit parkplace you can fake like you have monopoly? I beat my son on his 19th birthday made him cry.
  3. Hello all I am chipsanddip i am new and want to say Hi. I have been playing poker for 15 years way before that ***** moneymaker, screw that jug head. Well I am not a good typer but I am gonna try,so what is up. I usually kill 5/10 play chips on a constant basis, what do you guys play?
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