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  1. Daniel,How good a poker player is Gambit?
  2. The other day a poker friend of mine gave me a copy of the Xbox version of Stacked. There are some things I can NEVER forgive, and to be honest, that is one of them. How much integrity can a person have who constantly chatted up this game coming out. How it was the next big thing, and it was so great. I didn't do a search, but I certainly didn't hear many apologies for it, and I don't remember seeing it in the main blog. Maybe I am wrong, but for as much open insight into his life as he gave, it just seemed at times he was "selling" some things. I know financially it isn't a big deal to him, i
  3. I do agree with the original poster. However, while Daniel might not care, each and every day during work, or in the evening, we all look for something new posted. We do this because we enjoy an insight into a life many of us will never experience. It is his choice to stop writing and blogging as much, and it is our choice to delete the favorite link we all have in our browsers. I didn't like the tone as well, and after many years of checking dailey, it's time to delete that favorite. Take care and god bless. If I could, I would delete my account as there is no point to have it any more.
  4. Take one down.... pass it around... 143 bottles of beer on the wall....
  5. "If you listen to her timeline and who was involved, it just doesn't make any sense. And then the conclusions she attempts to draw from her convoluted sotry just don't compute." Like?Said you had think about it and piece together - And your right it is scary but also from a technical perspective, it required an inside man, and it can't simply be done on the outside by a common person. The data stream she refers to can only be accessed at the server and not on the outside. The only way it would be possible outside would be to tap the line the other person is getting their cards from.
  6. Reminds me of my sister... never lets anyone get a word in...Stuff = Actually helps explain the technical flaw in UB and what happened. Gives a decent timeline about what happened and who was involved. Gives a good explanation of interesting parts of the whole issue.. Lots of stuffYou have to be able to think quickly about what she is saying and piece it together, but its good stuffWow, but annoying
  7. She is terrible as a professional speaker... or even a spokesperson... but at least she gives people a better insight on stuff
  8. Im not saying she doesn't let them get any questions in... thats pretty funny... but at least she gives information.
  9. Actually its pretty good and gives a lot of information. I don't know why anyone would think otherwise. More insightful than anything else out there.
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