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  1. I'm not a PLO wizard or anything like some guys on here. But, in my opinion you should be betting the flop, and shipping turn after the raise. I generally see people play KKxx pretty aggressively pf, so I don't think it's likely that hand is in villains range.Like I said though, probably best to wait to see what the better PLO players on here say.
  2. Check/Call----allows are opponent to bet hands he would've folded if we lead out, and also allows us to lose the minimum to hands we are behind. Lead river if non pair spade falls.
  3. You should never be betting air here ( and villain should know this ) because of the dry side pot......as far as his range goes, in a vacuum TT+, AQ+.....might be a little loose
  4. Oh, my bad, i didnt see it was an all diamond board.....i still check here tho.....too likely the all ins have an ace in their hand, but i wouldnt be c/f as i originally stated, i'd c/c or c/r....i don't mind either of those options
  5. Yeah, pretty simple check here....betting would just be protecting the two all-ins hands, which I assume somebody has an Ace in their hand. For that reason, especially since you said villain is on nittier side, when you check villain will probably only bet with a good ace.
  6. HJ is almost never folding here....i like folding this
  7. +1 an average player is shoving 50% here, a good player is shoving wider
  8. yea, you can pretty much never fold this with your M.
  9. I dont mind raising this with no limpers in CO, but yeah, with two limpers, im not a big fan of the pf raise....didnt see the limpers before
  10. I like the raise on the flop, but a min raise is too small. I'm definitely following up a raise on the flop, with a bet on the turn. As played I really have no idea what to do on river, i'd have to know how good/bad the villain is.
  11. You played it fine, preflop raise is way too big for my liking tho.For your second question....i personally tighten up and wait until the blinds get bigger to start getting more aggro....but i know some guys like to play massively loose with 100 bets+
  12. Snap call, lots you beat, little you dont.
  13. He's put in 30ish% of his stack and you expect him to fold to a jam??? I mean, yeah we will see a retarded fold once in a blue moon, but i dont think it's nearly close enough to warrant a jam here.....the more i think about this hand the more i hate a jam
  14. how does this hand play well in a HU showdown? it plays terrible.....even if villains range is as wide as AJ+, 44+ you're only a very small favorite....your pummeled with the range ( that i still think is too loose ) i posted earlier.Will you explain to me your reasoning behind shoving here?
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