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  1. I don't understand why half the people flip out because someone wants to know when the game comes out. this is Daniel's site and it's about his game. They are related. The Planet Stacked website is void of any real information regarding the game, and the forums there are dead.The other half of the posts make me laugh, cuz they are true. add six months, that's about right. waiting for the ps9? lol. If this was the case, it would be released for the ps8 anyway. (disgruntled 360 owner talking)Anyway, last date I have heard is April 25th.
  2. Have you been there? I have asked there. That board is dead.as far as shortages, I see them all the time. not in electronic stores, but small to medium town walmarts, targets, k-marts, etc. They are out there, and shipments are getting more and more frequent. I understand, though, I suppose. Although it's hard to point fingers at xbox 360's release when we are discussing a game that was supposed to come out six months ago
  3. I know it's not simple. I'm only asking why they chose not to make it for the 360. Stacked is supposed to be about the online play, that's what I keep hearing, but they are ignoring the 360 with this game, which has the best online capabilities of all console systems. This doesn't make sense to me, which is why I am asking questions. If they are making it for 4 systems, why not 5, if for nothing else but to include the next generation of consoles?
  4. Why was the choice made to not make a 360 version? Even if not for a straight over port of the xbox180 version.
  5. I've been looking everywhere for information on whether this video game for the xbox will be backwards compatible with the xbox 360. I remember coming across an article by a developer a month ago or so saying that they had no plans for it. I couldn't believe that they wouldn't want to open this game up for the consumers of the xbox 360. Especially discouraged since the xbox 360 has a great online area.I guess I shouldn't worry, as the game keeps getting pushed back, that by the time it is released, the free Texas Hold Em game will be available to all 360 users.I was looking forward to this
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