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  1. Amnon has definitely been around the pro tourny circuit... this just happened to be his first WPT tv table.. I sat next to him durring the WPF at Foxwoods... he's a good player and real cool guy. I'm happy that he finally made the big final table.
  2. When you are playing a cash ring game and you are heads up with anotherp layer you can expose your cards. It does not make them dead. In a tournament situation, however, things are different. Exposing your cards early is grounds for a penalty. But even if you get a penalty in a tounrament your hand is still live. FYI
  3. You know you're playing a fish when.....He uses the term "fish" adnauseam.
  4. dropped the price? 20 was so low it wasn't worth my time heh ;)You should try a bigger entry fee.... with all of these "ballers" here it shouldn't be a problem.
  5. first of all bitch I wasn't talking to you... secondly, I have plenty of scars.. most of them on my hands. Mind your own business.
  6. what a bunch of ****ing douchebags... looshe... you're in CT.. wanna meet so I can knock your teeth out? Then I can make fun of how funny you looked with your jaw broken?
  7. glad you put it that way because I completely agree but mine was going to be a lot nastier. All of these "forum pros" with their comments on everything from the way a guy talks to what he or his or her partner looks like.. What the hell has happened to poker? Is this high school? anyway... I agree with you 100% AJ
  8. rofl I hate to be the one to break this to you fanboys but his "Strat" has been being played by bad 2/4 NL players at foxwoods ever since they put the game in. I'm not judging smash's skill since I haven't a clue about him but I've been reading this nonsense about his winning strategy for a couple of weeks now... HE DID NOT INVENT PUSHING ALL IN WITH THE BEST PAIRS/TRIPS. lolget over it...
  9. you should've planned a trip for this week.. it's the empire state poker classic.. lots of good tourny action there right now. Bunch of buddies from Foxwoods are there.
  10. lol a couple of thise pics are supposed to be foxwoods.. heh looks like their poker room a bit too.
  11. I don't know anything about where this started.. but I do know that this thread is completely retarded.
  12. No, but I can confirm that you are a total loser and should really spend your time more wisely. Thanks.
  13. It's very tough to keep a chip lead at a final table with 15 min rounds.. Everyone going all in left and right... very volatile... be proud of the cash you got! good job!
  14. They did in fact put slots there and are happy with the proffits but the place WAS shut down due to some shaddy practices in the poker room.. There has been talk about reopening it and I'm sure that it will come to pass sooner or later. The poker room at foxwoods is jam packed at all times. On a side note, they are turning the downstairs non-smoking casino into the poker room, which means more room and no smoke from the railbirds to bother us! woohooo!!! Although I am going to loathe that bathroom down there because everyone is going to hide and smoke in there... YUK!
  15. I love it when all of the people that lurk these boards over use the term fish... only to post a hand demonstrating that it is they themselves that are the n00bs.
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