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  1. thanks for the comments guys, good luck to everyone today.
  2. lol @ royal$720#Game No : 2880633219 ***** Hand History for Game 2880633219 *****NL Texas Hold'em Trny:16542183 Level:13 Blinds (750/1500) - Thursday, November 17, 16:19:59 EDT 2005Table $2500 Daily Guaranteed(490080) Table #1 (Real Money)Seat 3 is the buttonTotal number of players : 2 Seat 3: thadecline19 ( $60050 )Seat 4: lavlund ( $25950 )Trny:16542183 Level:13Blinds (750/1500)** Dealing down cards **Dealt to thadecline19 [ 2d Qs ]thadecline19 calls [750].lavlund checks.** Dealing Flop ** [ Td, Jd, Kd ]lavlund checks.thadecline19 checks.** Dealing Turn ** [ 9s ]lavlund bets [1500].thadecl
  3. just won the Empire 2500 guaranteed.FCP Represent.that is all.
  4. put more money online, lose it, break your other hand because your so angry. then you cant help but take a break. Unless your like the creepy guy on the WSOP coverage who plays with his feet....
  5. i made a final table on prima, got 2ndit was only a 24 person tourney though lol
  6. First off....Dannenman cashed in the event this post is about. And...that same weekend he won a $1000 event at the Bellagio, which often features some of the top players.And the award for the person who missed the point of my post completely goes to this guy. I'm sorry, and I stated this, for misrepresenting any of Dannenman stats. I'm not a fanboy or anything, I cannot rattle off his numbers with impressive speed. The point of my post was, please do not speak for the entire poker world because you got famous for making ONE final table. Even though hes made more since then, all I said tha
  7. Yay I can finally use this picture... its been used on FCP before. I'm sorry, next time I'll proofread before I submit this to the editor. i bow to you, your highness. I wish I routinely sat around poker forums waiting for my one chance to use a graphic I stole from numerous other posters.
  8. sorry i forgot about including the TOC, so quit whining. I also assume your just making this thing up about the smaller cashes. You had no idea who this guy was until he was on TV either, dont pretend youve been railing him for years.all i said was that was too bold of a statement for someone in his position to make. to me it sounds like "well me and the other guys dont like his antics, he can leave". Im sorry, but making a final table doesnt qualify you to make judgements over who can play poker. Its a game for christsakes, if you dont wanna play against people with different attitudes,
  9. "The real story is what took place in the post-elimination interview. With ESPN cameras rolling, Dannenmann blasted Phil Hellmuth. "We don't need players like that in the sport," Dannenmann said, raising a few eyebrows. Adding insult to injury, Dannenmann stated unequivocally, "Mike Matusow is the best player I have ever played with." As they say, war and poker create very strange bedfellows. "Does Dannenman mean that we dont need good players in the game? Im glad he feels hes in a position to make that statement. Hes an annoying middle aged man going through a mid life crisis who apparently
  10. this was my first negreanu open tourney, finished in 4th. Had a great time guys.
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