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  1. thanks buddy that was really useful :-)
  2. what is a big bet in NL? Like poker tracker purposes? is it the big blind or 2x the big blind?
  3. censored ramer and matasow I should have won (sw)
  4. Hello,I was wondering if anyone knew if they have released ticket prices yet? I really would like to go to a game but I am not paying $50 for noise bleed seats.
  5. I am a donk and I heard somewhere that you should check on the river unless you wouldn't mind a raise? is this true or no?
  6. party poker gift cards. are you sure you aren't talking about amazon gift certs?
  7. does anyone know if that works with poker tracker
  8. I am signing up with pacific poker tonight through PSO. I was wondering if there is any rake back offers out there and if you can sign up for those with PSO. Anything else I should know.
  9. I think making the goalie only be able to handle the puck is insane. But I am a goalie.
  10. hey I like reading about it. Keep it coming
  11. take the silver line to temple place, then get off and head toward the macys. Take a left on washington st. If you hit china town you went the wrong way turn around, that will bring you to BN.
  12. hey thanks guys, I noticed that PP ante was a little crazy but I think my next stop is going to be Pstars or paradise? Are there more or less donks in the split games?
  13. hey blaze what is a good BB/100 i have been playing party poker 25NL and i make about 20bb/100. I only play for a little while and really do a lot of table scouting with PT. Is that reasonable? PS i am right around 4000 hands
  14. I am just wondering with the ante, i am a holdem player so this ante thing is all new to me
  15. I was thinking about playing some 7 card stud. Probably .5/1 and I was wondering what is a good amount to sit down with?
  16. it kind of depends on the read from the person that raised, and did anyone come in behind him. I reraise an aggresive player because he might be on a draw. If he reraises me I would fold. But if a rock is raising then fold.
  17. Hey toby can you post the link to the rules sheet?ThanksPS great idea
  18. I don't think he was chasing the gut shot. I think he was betting into a nasty board hoping for a fold and what do you know he got it. I think you have to fire a pot sized bet here. The case two can beat you and pocket aces, if he comes over the top you are beat and you can muck
  19. Party Poker 1/2 Hold'em (4 handed) converter Preflop: Hero is SB with [Qh], [Ts]. 1 fold, Hero raises, BB 3-bets, Hero calls. Flop: (6 SB) [8c], [Ks], [3s] (3 players) Hero checks, BB bets, Hero calls. Turn: (4 BB) [6s] (3 players) Hero checks, BB bets, Hero calls. River: (6 BB) [2h] (3 players) Hero checks, planning to fold .....I think you have been way to passive, you don't have much of a hand so you either need to get the guy to fold or get out. Raise on the flop if he calls then check/fold. That is how I would play it. PS please critic my play as I am learning too
  20. Kdawg where you on Absolute at the 25 NL the night before last (ps i like the phish sig)
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