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  1. Hey guys,Any tips for playing Turbo? What do you have to do differently with blinds rising so quickly?
  2. I know it's probably somewhere in this thread already but....TTWBEBWP (This thread would be even better with Pics!)
  3. Classic!! Remind me not to get on your bad side...
  4. PLaying HORSE and rather new when it comes to Razz.How does A, 3, 4, 6, 7 beat A, 2, 4, 5, 8Is it because of the 8? So the cards in the middle mean nothing?Can anyone help with Hand Rankings?Thanks!
  5. Interesting.....what would you do?With 72 Players Left, A Chop Would be Worth 9th-Place MoneyWith 72 players left, there is still $37,866,039 left in the prizepool. If everyone agreed to chop the rest of the money, each player would receive $525,917. By comparison, ninth place is worth $525,934 -- just $17 more. The numbers just get more compelling.
  6. In our ongoing effort to sell you whatever we can by getting our marketing demographics please answer the questions in the above poll.If you're not a member of FCP please sign up here so you can have things marketed and sold to you such as exciting upcoming promotions like Protege 3! FYP
  7. Dear Bluffs2005,Welcome to PokerStars, where poker players go when they fail as part of running other Poker sites.We have successfully completed the transfer of your Full Contact Poker account balances to PokerStars andyou can now find out what it's like to play online poker with real technology. The following amounts have been credited to your PokerStars account:Cash transferred: $495.95PokerStars FPP awarded: 474You will have the chance to add $ to your account should you happen to run into Daniel Negreanu on oursite.If you have any questions, please email us at support@pokerstars.com and we
  8. Better Software for 1More variety of games, ever play HORSE, Razz or 5-Card-Draw on FCP? Didn't think so.More players, more chance to meet up with some donkeys.Need more?
  9. I think I Might want an easy $100 as well....Daniel is still good....but....Provided, he is not going to say Hellmuth, I will put up one of my Bracelets up against yours, play heads up andwinner takes both.........
  10. He has been kind of absent from the site lately, I know he's moving and all but....
  11. I think we have a new FCP acronym.TBIWWP - This blog is worthless without Pics.
  12. I'm not having any issues............Oh wait............What's my Location again?????!
  13. <<<<--------------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. mix two shots of vodka, two shots of rum, some American Beer (otherwise known as water), a Dr Pepper, andsome bananas. If that doesn't clear your cookies, nothing will.....
  15. over/under on this guy getting banned....2006 or 2007?
  16. Hey all,Need help. How do you play this?!! need some strat!
  17. My bad, thought this was something about Party Gaming and how much their stock will be worth soon....
  18. send a pm to dna4ever, he'll help you out...
  19. They should have a feature that whenever a player goes all in with a donk hand, a pop-up appears:"Are you sure you want to be a jack as s?"
  20. Anyone want to take a bet that the new network will not be up by Monday?Bet you even Daniel wouldn't take that one straight-up!
  21. While you're playing Poker, I am sure we all can find ways to keep your girlfriend busy...do you guys have any suggestions???
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