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  1. Pretty good article about Fantasy Sports vs Online Poker. Andy Frankenberger makes some good points here. Personally, I'm not much for the fantasy and would prefer poker, but to each is own. But, I just hate that even on Oxygen channel there are Fanduel/Draft Kings commercials when you can't "legally" play online poker. http://www.cnbc.com/2015/10/02/online-poker-vs-daily-fantasy-which-creates-more-winners.html?__source=msn|money|inline|story|&par=msn&doc=103046603
  2. :icon_clap: Any world outside the USA that says poker is not illegal. How poker is illegal in the USA and effing fantasy sports is legal blows my mind. Yeah, me "betting" on specific players to play better than others is really me in control of my money, alot better than some boob open-shoving at a micro cash table and me making a decision to call it with a 7 2 .
  3. That's what I meant by full time was sole source of income. What games are you playing on there? I see here where you FT a tourney here and there, but I didn't think they had enough action to pay a mortgage, car note, etc., unless your overhead is super slim.
  4. First, be prepared for Poker Withdrawals. Depends on what you like to play. $20 and under Single Table SNGs are slim. No chance on any 2-3 table and no 180s or anything like that. If you are a night owl, then there is hardly any SNGs going after about 2am or so. They run alot of full tourneys and guaranteed, but the other night I did a $10 guaranteed $500 tourney (or something like that, but it was a guarantee), and it needed a minimum of 8 players and only 7 signed up. There is a good spread of lower limit cash games. I would say more cash game action than SNGs for sure. I have only loaded tw
  5. Uhhhhhhhh........ After watching that I was hoping it was some kind of hijack link so my computer could get a virus or something. That would have been way more interesting than that. When I think of You Tube and Poker, I always think of Tuff Fish. That was some classic stuff there...
  6. I'm sorry, you're about 5 years too late... What stakes are you playing? I have found at the micros sometimes you have to c-bet, then fire the second barrel before you can pull of the heist. On a board like in your example, the odds are low that either one of you have a Q, so usually people won't fold so quickly and wait to see what the turn brings (or any other high card paired board). Also too, sometimes you don't have to half-pot bet. A 1/3 pot bet can accomplish the same thing as a 1/2 pot. All your really doing is fishing for info and seeing if the other will flinch. Based on the tabl
  7. I like to always bet the flop in situations like this, unless I have a particular read on opponent, then I may give him a little. But I really don't see much wrong here.... Going to assume 3 4 here??? Trying to figure out his check/check/bet play here.I think he was scared of the flush, that's why his river bet was low? Either that or he was setting you up hoping you would raise and then jam over on you? IDK....... My first question is how does he have almost 3X Max buy-in here? That would give some more insight into what kind of player he is.
  8. Ehhh, I'm not a big fan of playing 8 10 in EP here, but OK....... Flop, OK Turn, I can see raising here because you turned a lucky charm. If he calls, I would have to put him on some kind of AJ, KJ, KQ, worse case for you J10 or a set. River, If he only had a J, which could be very possible here, you just got counterfeited. The way I read the hand before seeing the results I would have guessed AJ, KJ. I would have just checked here, maybe called if he put a small value bet here, but I wouldn't feel good about it. My opinion is that is the risk you take when playing these types of starti
  9. Personally, I would have flatted PF, not 3-Bet. Too weak of a hand here. Next, I would have bet the flop. If he still leads out on the turn then probably folding here. When I play connectors, If I'm not there or open-ended by the turn with no flush possibility or any other back door, I'm folding, unless I feel the opponent is weak. I'd like to see other opinions on this, but probably not going to.
  10. I don't get your PF raise here, but ok..... QJ off is a little weak to be raising here OOP, IMO. Flop: This is just straight read here. If you feel your opponent is just a spaz/spew-tard, then go ahead. But, normally here would just be a fold. But just a situational read here...
  11. What's your reason for not leading out on the flop here? You were the PF raiser. Blind Vs. Blind, he could have anything here. Why bet the turn, when you check/call the flop. WTF on the river?? $2 into a $15 pot, and half as much as your turn bet? I would assume you are at the least getting called here every time, if not getting raised a bunch as well. Don't understand it at all. If you're afraid he's got an A, then just check/fold or check/call a small bet. Unless you were planning on perhaps inducing here and hoping he raises you and then you come back over him/call a bigger bet?? Th
  12. I go ahead and put him all-in here. I would guess he's got Kx here, but idk. Pre-Flop I would have 3-bet him to about .40. I like the flop play Once again, just my thoughts. Really need KingJames or Superjon (they still post occasionally) for better insight tho.
  13. Like This: I mean, in this hand we kinda know what you did even if you posted like this, but for future posting, just stop at that point in the hand. Standard strat forum posting.
  14. First, Good Luck getting any responses. Unfortunately, the strat section died years ago here. Second, when posting in forums, don't post the hand results right away. It can sometimes skew the thinking/rationalization of others posting responses. Here's why in my thinking: PF: Good size raise Flop: Little too high on the raise, but I'm more concerned with the 2 spades, and the min bet and the min raise. In my experience in the micro-stakes, guys will call PF with suited cards ALOT, especially calling stations. I always tend to be more on the cautious side in these situations w
  15. Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't it been illegal the whole time? The only reason it is dead in the US right now is because there is no big sites left that will let US players play. If I remember correctly, in the early-mid 2000's during the first crackdown, Stars/Tilt were not the major players. After that, they stayed while the other big dogs at the time left. Then those 2 became the big dogs even after the UIEGA became enacted (2007?). The only reason poker is not that big of a deal anymore is because the games that US players can play are very limited, and getting your cash out takes fo
  16. I don't remember what the rake was, but as a recreational player, I would much rather play live and tip (tipping the dealer should be a MUST anywhere, unless the dealer is a douche) than play a digital machine. I can play digital at home, so why travel somewhere to play digitally? But, if I was at a gambling spot (Race Track, Casino, Cruise Ship, Etc.) and thy don't have a real poker room, then the machines would work just fine. I won't play those digital blackjack machines though. Just have to be a complete degen to play those things IMO.
  17. I played on one of these on a Carnival Cruise back in early 2008. Pretty fun actually. There was a group of about 15 or so of us that played during the 5 day cruise. Other than shore excursion days or seeing the goofy shows at night, I was at the table. I still prefer chips and cards, but not bad tho. WAAAY better than the digital craps table. Those things are pathetic. Some things you just can't digitally recreate.
  18. I think it has been dead for over a year or so now, maybe longer. The banner ads here haven't changed in years. After Black Friday, things really turned south, but the site was always small and had decent content, but compared to other sites it was always behind.
  19. +1 White boys don't stand a chance these days. Even with modern medicine we still fall a few inches short.....
  20. I agree. What little spare time I have these days I play the micro SNG 1 tables. Actually break even/win a little, but the damn sportsbook....
  21. I know it is against the rules, but just play one of your American friends heads-up, and dump it off that way. Have them withdraw it, then send you a International Money Order, Paypal, mail cash, etc. That's what I would do. Just a thought...
  22. I haven't had time and let my membership run out, so I have not been a member in a while. If she had the time that would be a great idea. If I remember correctly, didn't she fist start out learning there, then after a few years went pro? That would be a good selling point to new members.
  23. Unless you have an ungodly read on the guy, how do you not go for all or broke on this hand? If you re-raise the flop, but even at a min-raise, you are going to be about 40-something % committed here. I can see re-raising to all in on the flop. Eliminate his draw, and if he flopped it, then he flopped it. Slow-playing it out did give him a chance to draw out, but if two duds come and he still is bluffing at it, then you make money. If he played you, and you go broke, "Nice Hand, Sir", and move on. The only thing I can see about not shoving the flop is scaring away free money. Personally I just
  24. In for #1 and #3. Too much going on in other places for #2 and #4.
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