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  1. Is it possible to make $40k within 5 months?
  2. Hey, Welcome to the FulcontactPoker.com! I was also in a problem of adjusting my hand range. Recently I have found an amazing video of Leak Buster which has helped me a lot to solve my problem. You may be helpful with this video.
  3. You can use an add-on Leak Buster in HEM to get noticed about your mistakes while playing. It has helped me a lot to improve my skill also.
  4. Leak Hand found and Converted by Leak Buster Poker Training Software NL Holdem $0.5(BB) SB ($50.4) BB ($62.38) UTG ($76.25) HERO ($54.53) CO ($50.2) BTN ($75.52) Dealt to Hero Q:diamond: K:diamond: UTG Folds , HERO Raises To $1.75 , CO Folds , BTN Calls $1.75 , SB Folds , BB Raises To $3.7 , HERO Raises To $8.65 , BTN Calls $6.9 , BB Calls $4.95 Flop ($27.7) 4:spade: Q:heart: 7:heart: BB Checks , HERO Bets $14.1 , BTN Raises To $66.87 (all-in), BB Folds , HERO Calls $31.78 (all-in) Turn ($140.45) 4:spade: Q:heart: 7:heart: 8:club: River ($140.45) 4:spade: Q:heart: 7:heart: 8:club: 5:heart: No reads, but it seems like such a narrow range that he can have that's strong here. There seems to be a lot more potential draws in his range than something stronger than KQ. So do you just give up, or am I pot committed?
  5. vincenttafolla979


    Yes. It's really a Paradise of poker.
  6. Leak Hand found and Converted by Leak Buster Poker Training Software NL Holdem $0.5(BB) SB ($142.47) HERO ($50.75) HJ ($62.9) CO ($66.3) BTN ($42) Dealt to Hero A:heart: 8:spade: HJ Folds , CO Folds , BTN Raises To $1.5 , SB Calls $1.25 , HERO Raises To $6 , BTN Folds , SB Calls $4.5 Flop ($13.25) 5:club: 6:club: A:spade: SB Checks , HERO Checks Turn ($13.25) 5:club: 6:club: A:spade: 2:diamond: SB Checks , HERO Bets $7.25 , SB Calls $7.25 River ($27.75) 5:club: 6:club: A:spade: 2:diamond: 9:club: SB Bets $9.5 , HERO Calls $9.5 Opponent is kind of weak. I guess just bet the flop or the pot control is ok?
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    Hello! Welcome to this forum.
  8. I am using an amazing tool Leak Buster in HM2. It is really a lovable tool for me.
  9. Thanks for the news on Rounders 2. I didn't know about this.
  10. I will see some of these poker movies. Thanks for the post.
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