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  1. Hey DN, if you ever get back to this book review...I was over at 4 and watching Sklanksy really tear into Lee Jones lately, so I went to RGP just to cross check and I came across Gary Carson really tearing into Theory of Poker: I know you've had issues with Carson over at RGP (including the 10:1 HU challenge) before so I know you have an opinion about how the guy thinks. Personally I agree that Theory of Poker is one of the most important books ever written and just would love to know wtf Gary is babbling about...again.
  2. That's complete BS because this all started when you got your feelings hurt :cry:
  3. online headsup poker with laptops live....looks like battleship.
  4. From the official site:PLATFORMS AND RELEASE DATESPC, PS2, Xbox, PSP (Early 2006)http://www.mtv.com/games/holdem/stacked/
  5. What's that? :oops:A crappy sequel?
  6. If you have a router that is NAT'd (which you d0) then not at the same table....the poker room will see two computers coming through your routers public IP address. I think dropping on computer in your routers DMZ would work....I know that using broad band for one and for the other using dail up would work at the same table also.
  7. I sooooo knew he was going to do that and the reasons why. It was planned, not a hit N run and cover up. When DN sat out the first time when he hit N run-ned him I was literally crying I was laughing so hard cause I knew exactly what he was doing. THEN he busts out the "you have no idea who you are playing psychological warfare with"NH - DN(call me a fan boy but I thought this was hilarious)
  8. I completely came in the middle of the convo....why are they talking about accounts being froze up??
  9. Please sw, please sw, please swNo it kind of is absurd because you have no idea what games are being offered, what kind of traffic is going on and a lot of people are just comfortable just railing before they take the plunge and buy in.And btw, I've been playing real money on ongame for 7 years so I am fully aware that you can go through other skins and view the games. I'm just saying from the perspective of somebody new to poker....we weren't born with all this great poker knowledge.
  10. No it's not, Sansone is the only HU Limit HE player they have and by far the best in GCC.Daniel would benefit by them tagging out (the faster he recognizes the switch the more he would benefit).
  11. I also watched all 3 matches, and I am left wondering if DN didn't use the cheap $5000 matches to DONK of some money and advertise in preparation for DC. I noticed a very drastic change in style when the DC match finally arrived. Hard to tell for sure without seeing many of the hands DN was holding on showdown in the first 2 matches, but if it is the case, nice work DN, that is some masterful strategizing.I doubt it. The best in the world are the best for reason, because they can adapt quicker and they just "understand".It's like a driving contest anology I heard on here or on neverwin bet
  12. I'm sorry...where's the (SW) at???
  13. Here is the kicker, if you DON'T flip the coin with the 67% shooter you have NO CHANCE to get the $5000. That would be lowering your expectatiion to... 0! By accepting the 50-50 bet, you will give youself an opportunity to make an additional bet where you are a favorite.I understand your stance on "throwing a guy a bone out of respect" however in regards to this analogy....yes of course you have no chance at 5k....but I think Team DreamClown's point is about poker hours. Flipping coins to get a short stack isn't going to be as profitable as playing real poker with an edge that they think
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