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  1. Whatever happened to the Stacked videogame?
  2. I don't care whether or not players wear logos and endorse whatever they want. All I care about is seeing good poker. Shows like Party Poker and Celebrity Poker make me sick. I don't care if Daniel's playing (although it helps) or Ivey, Hellmuth, etc are playing. I just care that there is good poker out there.
  3. You'd know better then us what kind of players you're dealing with, but....What could they have??A9, AQ, fullhouse with 9's, QQQWould they have trapped you, by not raising and letting you fall over yourself? Very possible. Did the hand finish out, so you could see their cards?I think you were beat.
  4. I need you to play in tournaments with me. You'd be perfect to increase my stack size. There isn't one thing you did right in your example, except build someone else's stack. Obviously you didn't put your opponent on 32, but there was so many other possibilites/hands that could beat you. The fact that he got all your chips, means he did everything right on that one.
  5. It's poker , it happens. Cant' get mad, just focus on the next hnad.
  6. I've been leaning towards that book. Since I don't have a bookstore (good) nearby I haven't had a chance to page through some of the poker books. It seems people either love Sklansky or they hate him.
  7. Hands down, Ultimate Bet is my favorite site. I play poker to get better and the competetion is the best here. If I wanted to increase my earnings quickly, I'd goto Party Poker or Empire Poker.
  8. I need help with my tournament play. Anyone have suggestions?
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