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  1. I was wondering if I could get some insights regarding the .01/.02 NL holdem games at pstars. I'm primarily a small buy-in tournament player and am interested in building my meager 15 dollar bankroll. Is 750bb a sufficient bankroll? If not, what is considered the right bankroll? More imporantly, I'd appreciate any tips anyone has. I played there briefly, and to be honest, it doesn't resemble poker as I know it. What would be a good strategy? I really ought to read SS, but at this point I have only read HoH1,2 and Theory of Poker, and neither really covers no limit skill-less ring poker, lol.
  2. Hello,I hope this is the proper section for this post; if not, please let me know and I'll post it in the right section next time, but please provide your opinion anyway.First hand of a 5.50 buyin NL hold'em sng, 1 table. I don't have a hand history, but I will try to be descriptive.I am UTG with KK. I raise 5x BB (seems necessary early to avoid a 5-way pot at this level). I get one caller behind me. Flop A72 no suited. I bet 2/3 the pot, he calls. Turn is a blank. I'm suspicious of his ace. I didn't have this info at the time, as it was the first hand, but he turned out to be a bit of a call
  3. Have you been living under a cyber rock ? Do you think that PH and Eugeeneel staged all of thier sessions as well ?I guess so, I haven't been following this too closely beyond reading the blog and occasional posts. I'm not terribly active (see post count). Could you fill me in?edit: I never said this was "staged." I'm saying it would be a brilliant stunt based on the situation. A chance to turn -45k into a bigger profit for his poker site.
  4. The public argument seems a little out of DN's character. He has expressed respect for the privacy of others in his games on his blog before, so making this feud public seems a bit overboard. However, this feud between DN and DC would be just what a new poker site needs to generate traffic. Getting people to sign up is half the battle, as most sites that offer play money games have probably learned. If DN is using the blog/board to generate drama and interest for a "big rematch," then kudos. It's a pretty clever and effective idea. Reminds me of the 3-week buildup before any WWF pay-per-view.
  5. FCP has been a skin of Pokerroom for all of 2 weeks. The community existed for a long, long time prior. I'd guess that 75% of the real money players at this message board at least have a PS account.
  6. Could anyone explain to me the lore behind this phrase in NL? Why is a min raise considered so dangerous? Why would someone with AA do it? What does it usually indicate?
  7. Serves me right for posting the first poker-related thread the general forum has seen in a while. Carry on with the posts about scammers, rigged online sites, video game advertisements, and the lottery. Heaven forbid someone actually type their opinion instead of a snide reference to the search function.
  8. What are the differences between limit and no-limit as it applies to gameplay? I am not asking the rules, I am aware of them. I mean, what type of player favors which? What type of play is favored? Why would anyone choose one over the other? Why isn't one exclusively favored by professional players?
  9. Thank you for your explanation. I suspected it was a cash game, but the contexts I have seen the phrase in have been confusing at times.
  10. Why not raise preflop w/ a pocket pair in a short-handed game? Especially if there are 3 people who would also be in the hand with me if I limp.
  11. Hi all. I just played a game last night, and am wondering if I misplayed the key hand of my night.The game was NLHE, started 9-12 handed, and worked it's way down to 6-handed. I was small blind, and was dealt 6 6 . 3 people called ahead of me, and I raised 4BB (blinds were pretty low, cash game, not tourney style). 2 callers.Flop came down 10 9:spade: 9:heart:. Checked to me by 2 people ahead. Pot was about .5 my stack, and I moved all-in. One caller, who flipped over A:club:5:club:. Naturally, he drew the ace.How did I do? What should I have done differently?
  12. I guess my examples were poorly conceived if there is such a range :oops: What sort of general guideline would people suggest for "playable hands" from an early position? (Not taking into account any idiosyncratic aspects of the specific table)
  13. NLHE question:How do you guys feel about playing marginal hands in an early position of a full table? By marginal, I'm thinking about decent hands like K7 suited, QJ suited, A-rag, and the like. I know the answers will vary widely on the type of game (cash, early tourney, late tourney, etc). My experience is limited to friendly home games. While the people I played against weren't bad, the lack of stakes tends to make people play a lot looser. I'm visiting a casino in a week, and would like to play hold'em there. While I anticipate a fun and costly learning experience, I'd like to minimize hor
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