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  1. How do you make $$ by folding a hand. I don't understand this point. You either lose the hand by folding. You can lose a lot more by playing, but you also have the ability of winning a lot more by playing KK. I don't have enough experience to even think about laying down this hand. You could gain a lot of information by betting patterns...but so many times weaker and even sometimes average players bet the same way if they have AA, QQ, and even JJ and push with AK AQ. So in my mind someone saying they folded KK. Unless you had tons of information to fold them, I would say you made a mi
  2. I become upset if I loose a big hand in a big pot if and only if they don't belong in the hand. Say the guy calls a raise with 86s and hits a pair of eights for bottom pair and stay to the river and hit two pair to beat my pair of king or aces. That makes me upset because if they knew anything they would have folded and I would have won. On the other I know these guys are making me money in the long run but I still get upset when they suck out =)Agree!!! 100% with the if and only if.!
  3. It happens. Most of the time I will call a raise with QQ as if I'm hoping to see my set. If I continue to get raised, then think about KK or AA and consider folding. I think you played your hand correctly. When "fish" get a hand like that and it loses become very upset as if that these hands should always win. Well to them, I say there are 5 cards in a poker hand, not two (AA as there hand).
  4. What sort of bet would be justified for his play then with AA UTG with only the blinds in preflop?I will admit, I've done this but don't want my potential betters to leave. Which is why my high PP loses more than wins. Any advice on what the "donk" should've done. 5-6 times big blind to really make them like there hand?On the other hand, I've done this to others knowing they had a high PP. Just can't seem to find the right answer just by trying different things cause each hand is different.
  5. Thanks for the insight about online games.ANd yeah..sorry don't and haven't played that long. I know that when I do play I do well. I've never posted in Money in bigger tournaments because I make that crucial mistake of being a DONK. It happens when you first start out. At least I know that about my game. But those couple SNG and even the schedule tournament I played in, I placed 50 and 61 respectively. Why because I overplayed hands that I couldn't get away from and donated it to someone who was obviously better or in the right place to take advantage of it.
  6. Yep....they would. And Rhinestone is the first one....LOL
  7. No I didn't realize that, I've only played at PS and here. Not really "internet" qualified if you know what I mean.
  8. I played several SNG's this weekend, and had a really good time chatting with several players, mostly at the final tables.What I can't stand is that individual that says, as soon as you take your seat or as soon as they are moved to your table, "F#ck all you, You all suck" They then go all-in and lose. Not that I don't like when these fish come here, but why? Why the bitterness for their lack of skill. (Just venting, thanks for listening)I played in a $5 SNG, 3 table format. The final two players where a blast to play against. I must say, I learned a lot from my play when playing them.
  9. Is it me or do the cards seem a little to small? I really have to double take a lot to see who is in the hand or not. By quickly looking at the table I find myself over looking who is playing and who is not. Seems like I'm always missing someone. I agree with the cards blending in with the table. I overlooked a couple hands, which didn't effect the outcome, just something that I think should have a little more contrast for my higher stakes games, 0.25 lol Bank roll isn't that high.
  10. How are people advertising the site, other than word of mouth?
  11. Yeah,I saw it late, but watched most of the SNG. DN should post a "charter member" only SNG sometime.
  12. Generally in my home game, it's obvious when someone has a hand and when they don't. Breathing patterns of one guy is so obvious that we all chat about the hand (without that player) at work the next day. He never understands why people lay their hands down. Playing at the casino is different though. Time waiting to learn your players is not a luxury. I guess that I get my information just as most of you began to describe, physical more than verbal and the patterns in betting. I appreciate all the posts, more are welcome.
  13. I was wondering about verbal tells. What sort of questions would one ask to there opponent to talk about the hand. In the thread I saw someone mention that saying softly what hands they may have etc to induce some sort of reaction. What can someone say to give you info if they are bluffing, don't have the strongest hand, have a monster. Someone saying "go ahead, call" to me would be a sign of weakness as they are scared they might get called. Any other ideas. What about you have to pay to play? How about nice laydown?
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