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  1. Your beat on the turn, the river doesn't help you at all, OR, he just beat you on the river. Either way, your beaten.
  2. Not sure I would have called pre-flop.Pretty sure I wouldn't have raised the flop. Call, or fold, leaning strongly towards a call.
  3. MP raise with less than average stack isn't a nothing hand IMO. Your hand is certainly a trouble hand, so steer clear, let him have your 40 chips, and move on. I'd probably fold up to ace-9 offsuit there, but may see a flop with ace-ten.
  4. I think the fact that it is MP who is pushing, and not CO or Button, would lead me to fold here without looking at the blinds and all that. However, you are in desperate need of some chips, and are going to lose 23% of your chips by this blind alone, so it leads me to a call here. I hate calling all my chips as opposed to pushing, but you will need some serious luck on your side if you pass here (you will need to get lucky in this hand as well should you decide to play it).
  5. On a scale of 1-10, I hate this about a 7. There are no probably draws there that you need to price out, so it is scared poker. However, since you added the bit about letting the timer run down and then pushing, well, perhaps its not that bad, hence the 7.
  6. Do a forum search for anything by NoNeck, Rocketwadster, and HangukMiguk...steer clear of Actuary.
  7. Based on the sizes of the other chip stacks, I think you could have pushed here.
  8. The problem with #1 IMO is that I don't think they will be folding most hands they would be raising here to our push (based on their chip stack), which wouldn't be too bad except that this is a very weak hand that we hold. Steals/resteals, when made without an adequate chip stack to accomodate a loss, should be done with hands that can gold their own against the calling hands to our pushes IMO.
  9. Re-raise pre-flop sucks IMO. Push or fold.
  10. I say no for all examples provided, regardless of the tables.
  11. Harrington (in Volume II if memory serves) shows why open pushing with pocket queens from the button is actually -EV. This would be even worse would it not. Open-pushing would only reinforce my belief that too many of us have a fear of flopping (from Volume III). Open pushing will get too many of the hands we want to call to fold, thereby reducing our positive equity.
  12. Wasn't it just last year that Hasan Habib and Tuan Le met at a final table, somehow (because I can't recall the specifics) having pieces of each other. It happens, probably a lot more than we know...
  13. The turbos really do flip the cream-of-the-crop saying on its head IMO. You will end up in a ton of races that would never occur in a normal sitngo, making it a true form of gambling in my opinion. I played one earlier today, third hand in, im on the button with pocket kings. UTG +2 open-pushes, am I supposed to fold here? Unlikely! Of course he has aces and I fail to suck out on him.
  14. Screw that. I lost enough brain cells this past wekeend thanks.Why can't one of the forum mods create a temporary folder for these things. It's a brilliant idea (one of many i've had)...
  15. That is the reason I am advocating leading out on the flop, as you may not get anything on the turn. Open pushing will scare away too many of the hands that we want to call on the flop.
  16. Get the money in NOW, not later. Don't forget to consider what your opponent may do if a scary card comes on the turn that DOESN'T help him here...
  17. Preflop limp is fine as long as there isnt a lot of raising pre-flop going on.You took your chance with the raise, and he min-raised you back. How can you not see that you are up against the nut-flush here? Calling his min-re-raise is just chip spewing...
  18. What game are you playing? NLO? If so, why?
  19. Awesome playing, too bad about finishing just out of the money (you were going for first though right???) I would love to hear about how ANY forum members fare in any of the WSOP events. I think there should be a new forum section for just this sort of thing...anyone?
  20. Has anyone mentioned that you should push in this spot?
  21. Definately lead out for at least 2/3's of the pot, and push to a raise.
  22. I don't think even I would fold here.
  23. I might have waited for the turn to check-raise, OR, have just called the flop and led out on the turn regardless of what came.
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