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  1. Yes..so let's at least attempt to find out if a topic has been discussed ad nauseum before starting a new thread. Let's learn to use the search function so we don't annoy everybody on this forum. Thank you.FYPWatch this:http://www.gammaworld.org/glennbeck/posting.swfSo I could just change the title of this post and then everything is better? If I revived an old thread from 2 years ago, then people would say..why bring up the same thread again?Meh. Whoever is the admin..just erase this thread. I'm out.
  2. Yes..so let's never talk about it again. Let's never talk about anything on this forum again. Thank you.
  3. This is mine:Sitting down at a table...playing heads up Limit Hold'em...and your opponent plays 10 hands, wins 1BB...and then sits out.I know it's a risk with playing headsup online and I should get used to it, but I think I've had 15 out of 20 players in the last two days do this to me. I wish more players weren't gutless. It's not even about the money, it is that it takes me 30 mins to actually get a good game going. If you want to play poker...play. It's pretty simple. If someone wins off me...after playing a reasonable amount of hands...great..good for them. But let's make it a fair contes
  4. I think people are missing the big point. First money finish in 6 months? Why are you even playing poker? You should just quit. I would rather burn my money.You're on the forum everyday and you haven't learned anything about poker? Maybe you should spend more time learning how to play than talking nonsense.If I'm going to throw my money away...I might as well get something for it.
  5. Asian girls look like 12 year old boys. that's why so many nerds like them.
  6. I hope the Conservatives lose just so they can get rid of Harper. Without Harper this would be a landslide Conservative win. I just hope people realize it.
  7. Gavin Smith? Best Canadian Poker Player right now?
  8. Where's DN? I thought he was going down to Australia. This would have been a great event for him. It would have been great to hear stories about it in his blog.
  9. That's what credit cards are for. If you have no assets, no house, you're self-employed/unemployed and you have no money in the bank or investments...then credit cards are easy money.You just keep withdrawing money and they will keep raising your limit. just keep making the minimum payments every month (like 20 bucks)Then when you've maxed out your credit card, you just stiff them. They will try to come after you...but you have no assets to pay them. You can just hide any income you make any number of ways. Or you can go bankrupt and really screw them. (If you're a student...who cares...you wo
  10. I'd give her the cherry danish. http://www.encyclopedia-of-sex.com/display...rticle1261.html
  11. excellent book. They tried to make Andy Beal into a better than average player but I'm guessing that the money he won was because the big time players knew he would come back and give them more. They had to let him win so that he would come back and dump his money on the table.I just thought that the parts that said that Beal couldn't be bluffed off a hand and he was super aggressive meant that he was just a meat head throwing bets out and calling down with nothing. And that he would eventually hit a hand for a major pot and win.Beal tried a lot of things to level the playing field but his mai
  12. Go to the Pokerstars website and click on the Caribbean Adventure page. You'll find a list of entries by pokerstars screen name. If you know a player's screen name, you'll know s/he is playing in the tournament.
  13. http://sports.sympatico.msn.ca/TopStories/...detect=&abc=abcPhil Ivey is in. I wonder if DN is going to work his way into this one. Who do you guys think should be the other 5 players?
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