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  1. In other words you dont know either
  2. I would vote no for the stimulus plan. While I agree that something needs to be done about the economy, I don't think this is the right way about improving it.
  3. Sorry no help, that is a tough one
  4. I dont see where I have mentioned Obama in any of my posts. Obama seems to be on the right track but has a long way to go to prove if he can do the job or not. The only President I have talked about is W. and no he wasnt pretty bad.....he was fu.cking awful!
  5. If you think that the housing market caused this mess you as foolish as bush wants you to be. Do a little research then get back to me
  6. um...you're a dipsh!t You are also blind to what has been going on in the world.
  7. Only people with their heads in the sand!
  8. You really think he is in Iraq and we just can't find him there even though we got a shit load of troops there? Get real!
  9. Bush is without a doubt the worst President in the history of the US. He not only ruined the US economy but he ****ed up the world economy as well. His arrogance and lies took us to Iraq to finish off Sadam (Even though Osama was/is in Afghanistan) because his daddy couldn't do the job himself. How Bush was never impeached and run out of office for treason is beyond my comprehension. He never once put the Nation ahead of his own wishes and ideals. His happiest day in office was 9/11 because it gave him a free pass to become the dictator he wanted to be. He blamed terrorism for everything that
  10. quadaces

    Golf In Vegas

    www.golfnow.com/lasvegasI work in the golf industry and have used golf now many times as a way to sell discounted green fees. You can find some good deals on their site.
  11. I think Varkoni's wife will win one before he wins again
  13. Don't be their first, Don't be their last-Vinnie Chase
  14. So what was the finish and how did you bust?
  15. LOL they should have just said sometime between the beginning of time and 10/13/2007.
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