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  1. Plays like this make your redline look like a downhill racetrack....
  2. So there's approximately $175 in the pot and you folded for an additional $16? I'd have to call that just 'cause....
  3. Try to make sure he's on your right. If you're going to play the 3 bet game with him, you want to have position.
  4. I agree, but Hero had the lead throughout the hand. I don't see Villian checking to induce a bluff when Hero obviously has some kind of hand he really likes. This just feels like a calling station with some kind of hand that he wants to see a showdown with.Could we get blown off the hand by a huge checkraise? Sure, but I don't see it happening. Again, just my opinion.
  5. Out of position with a monster you're going to check the River and let your opponent check behind? Very few people will play it like that, and then only if they're convinced you also have a monster. No, I think he was looking for a cheap showdown, and got it. Just my opinion.
  6. Not value betting the River in situations like this costs a lot of money. You're almost certainly ahead of his range, and he's never checking a monster here.
  7. You made money and he lost money, in the long run. One particular hand doesn't matter. Poker isn't about one hand, or one session, or one day....You played the hand exactly like you should have. Very +EV.
  8. Fancy play syndrome. Don't slowplay sets.And no, your play doesn't change. If it's set over set you just get stacked. Get used to it. If you're not getting stacked sometimes, you aren't playing aggressively enough.
  9. With those stack sizes, that's an instacall. No brainer. He most likely just flopped top pair with no kicker anyway.
  10. A 2/3 to 3/4 pot sized bet on the turn would pretty much commit him on the river if that's what you're after. ~ $3.20-$3.50 would do it.
  11. Your line would probably be better with a bigger stack, but as it is, BB basically commited with his turn bet, so you have 0 fold equity (assuming he's a decent player of course). You do have a lot of outs, but how many of them are good? I'd guess there's a good chance you're drawing dead to the flush.
  12. Thoughts?Ok, I won't debate playing the K-10 early position. IMO, K-10 is too weak to open raise with UG+2. Nor do I like min-raises in a cash game with deep stacks. Again IMO, min-raises are a tournament strategy. But since you did play it like that, so be it. What I can't for the life of me understand is how you could call the massive re-raise preflop. You don't mention any reads, so what hands did you put him on? With no reads, and assuming the way many people at that blind level generally play, a big overbet like that screams a Big Pair or Big Slick but not Aces or Kings. He'd want some ac
  13. Yes, they're gold mines, and quite beatable, but the problem is, you get so wrapped up in trying to stack these idiots that you start playing badly. Isn't worth it to me.
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