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  1. I think Theo Tran (douchebag btw) did this at this years WSOP. Before the flop was dealt he exposed his hand of A5 and they continued the hand and the flop came A5x and the other guy just open folded.I think he got a penalty.
  2. Things don't look good for the future unfortunately.
  3. If someone plays 1 table of 1/2 they don't have the earning power of someone 12 tabling 25nl, people play higher live to make it worth it for them, they can't multi table so their earning power is greatly reduced.
  4. so many places you misplayed the hand only preflop is ok.Bet the flop! As played river is easy fold, anytime you see stupid and strange lines, unless you're 100% sure they are FOS, fold all the time. this is never some guy thinking things through and going for a crazy bluff (no-one c/r river as a bluff at 50nl seriously), he just wants value I'm sure he has a ten or a boat here tbh.
  5. Yeah, he's not shipping worse, learning to b/f at the micros is very important, especially if you carry out the 'fold' part.People at the micros are not bluff raising rivers. Almost never.
  6. This got me really exited but apparently I don't have a mac with an Intel processor. Oh well, stick with Copilot then.
  7. Yeah you are never really getting value from hands you beat.
  8. WTF at the turn check?Bet turn big, get money in pot.
  9. Can't believe someone else got my $550k in the mirrion, that was my $550k, I bagsy that **** days ago. stupid QQ<AA.
  10. People aren't bluffing as much as you think they are. Seriously, it's 10nl rush. Your hand is not under-represented, as your hand is very weak.If we give the villain a value range preflop of AA-JJ and AK, maybe AQ, (people may be 3betting light at 10nl rush, but I wouldn't bet on it) then while the flop maybe a c/c, the turn is definitely a c/f, reason being we are no longer ahead of much at all, and are drawing dead/slim to the portion of hands that we are beaten by. This is called a 'reverse implied odds' situation, meaning that we stand to lose a lot more than we win. Here you have invested
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