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  1. Lol a lot. You know if you make this call and lose, you're just that fish who overplays AK. With that said nh.
  2. *Smacks myself in the face* You need a new top to your head.You're right, AK only has 6 outs, but AK has 5 community cards to catch those 6 outs. So it's number of outs over unseen cards left in the deck.(6/48)+(6/47)+(6/46)+(6/45)+(6/44)=65.1% chance of catching an A or K in Hold 'Em. But it has to do this without JJ catching a J to make a set on those 5 community cards. So here's the math for the probability of a J hitting:(2/48)+(2/47)+(2/46)+(2/45)+(2/44)=21.73% of catching a jack. Thusly, we subtract the probability of JJ catching a jack from AK catching an A or K=43.37%.Finally, AK is a
  3. Call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call call every frickin' time. He called that flop bet with second pair? Hard to believe. It's so hard for him to rep a Q. If it's KQ or KK or 55, oh well, this hand is going to be waaaaay profitable.And all that thinking-player's stuff aside, you're getting 4:1 on a call!
  4. It's been said several times, but calling pf is marginal... it's a giant multiway pot with someone monster raising and someone else to act behind you and they're totally priced in. Preflop you're at best flipping against AK but more likely you're dominated by JJ+. BUT getting to the real question...There is no way to avoid this. It's actually just the kind of situation you want to be in against JJ+. You only lose to 99 and 89, and there's no way you can put the villain on 89 considering the preflop action. Realistically, you're shoving every time on this flop. They have to hit a two 4 outer to
  5. QsTs is a math favorite at 68.687% to catch 3 Q's, 3 T's, 8 spades (3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, K, and A), 3 non-spade 8's, 3 non-spade K's with two cards to come (20 outs) and has to dodge a 7. So the probability is = [(20 outs/45 unseen cards) + (20 outs/44 unseen cards)] - [(2/45)+(2/44)] = [89.8%]-[8.9%] = 80.9%.That's a pretty big percentage, but you also have to take into account the 77 getting runner runner to make a full house. So also subtract the sum of all the chances of the combos to give 77 a full house, which are 22, JJ, 99, 72, 7J, and 79. The chances of these runner runners is about 13%.
  6. Just put it in pokerstove with the board box empty. You'll see the percentages are both close to 50. +1
  7. +1. And +1 to everybody saying smallish turn bets. If you know villain is loose and is calling with any kind of draw, then you should make the pot tempting with good pot odds, so like 3/5 of the pot. Make sure the weak part of his range (like JT or 67) can stay in and blast him. So many LAG donks will put their money in on the river OOP trying to get you to fold (weak river bluffs pfft).
  8. Middle position, ~240 BBs, 45th hand of my session. Villain has shown to be pretty loose/passive: a lot of c/c and c/f to my c-bets and tons of limps. I'm solid TAG and I've only shown down with big pairs and AQ so far and seen 20% of the flops. I'd just taken down a monster pot and doubled up on the last hand with a set of Js. So with KK here on a T high board, do I call the all-in? (Sorry for the crappy formatting; for some reason I couldn't get flopturnriver to work.)PokerStars Game #31284101920: Hold'em No Limit ($0.02/$0.05 USD) - 2009/08/05 13:05:18 PT [2009/08/05 16:05:18 ET]Table 'Psyc
  9. Thanks for the quick replies. My weakness is really just dealing with those LAG players that suckout I guess. Or make me fold best hand. Argh.
  10. So you don't think I'm up against something like 65s or anything like that? Truth be told I was like, "He's gotta have TPTK," like Ac8c or something.As it turned out, he had 67o....
  11. 37 hands into my session, villain is weak LAG player. My table image is pretty tight, but I had a run of good starting hands so I had raised 4 out of the last 6 hands but hadn't been able to show down. My question is did I make the right move here? I'm certain I'm dominating his pf range but with the texture of the board is calling the all-in the right play?PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $0.05 BB (8 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comUTG ($6.33)UTG+1 ($7)MP1 ($4.61)MP2 ($5.98)CO ($5.16)Button ($2.68)SB ($5.76)Hero (BB) ($4.44)Preflop: Hero is BB with Q, Q5 folds, Button b
  12. IMHO, everything about this hand screams slow played aces. If villain has AA, then villain wanted to get a good amount of money in the pot. I think flatting/limping with AQ or AJ would have been a dumb move pf, so you'd expect a raise to narrow the field. However, this villain knows he has your range and the LAG to your left's range dominated with AA, so a flat here makes sense to get you to bluff/bet at it. The check on the flop seals it for me: he's waiting for you to move at the pot when he's got the practical nuts, so he appears weak so you'll move at it. Flopping top set is gin here for s
  13. 2 things:First, on this particular hand, I think you're being priced in to flat call. If you know you can't get any of them out of the pot with a raise (esp. a shove) then don't wager your tournament life on middle pp. And if you hit your set, then shove it in and get like two callers, easy triple up. Also, I think betting the flop if you miss (assuming you're not all it ) would be a mistake if you miss, so take a free card and see if you hit your set then.Second, against a hyper-loose table, the best thing to do is tighten up and get maximum value for your premium hands. If you fold everythi
  14. I definitely instafolded the river. On a board like that, it was extremely hard to justify shoving the rest of my chips in and only getting like 5:2 on my money.As far as people wondering why I identified him as a station, this was the first hand that he bet into me. For at least 25 out of the 30 hands I'd seen so far, this particular guy was limp calling/check callling at least to the turn. There were also people putting in bets much larger than mine that go two of the three stations to call (4.5-6BB).OK, so what I'm getting from you guys is pot him flop and turn and make him pay to hit runne
  15. I'm a TAG player and I'm having trouble beating calling stations/loose players in low limit NLHE (been playing .02-.05 for a couple months). It seems like whenever I bet into them, especially on the flop, they turn/river the perfect card and stump my hand. One example:I've identified three villains around the table as calling stations. About the 30th hand into my session, in cutoff, I get AKo and raise 3x BB. SB, BB, and player two seats to my right call. There's now $.60 in the pot. They all have stacks around $10, and the SB rebuys every time he loses a pot.Flop:Kh 9h 3s. Pretty safte flop f
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