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  1. Ditto to what everyone has said. 3/6 and 5/10 live play like .50/1 online ... late on a Friday night ... at Party Poker circa 2003. Seriously.God I miss live poker.
  2. Would the hand play more easily if you 3-bet the flop? (I'm wondering, not stating.)If you 3-bet the flop and he caps and leads the turn, you can pretty easily fold.If you 3-bet the flop and he just calls, then a) he leads the turn and you can fold, or B) he checks the turn and you have a choice between betting and folding to a check raise or checking behind.Thoughts?
  3. I never really liked bet/fold, except in the worst "I can't win unless he folds" situations. But that's just me. Maybe you'll convince me otherwise. In this case, though, it just seems like a wasted bet if we're behind. And if there's ANY chance whatsoever that he'd bet a worse hand, like TT, c/c seems better.Also, why no cap PF? Is it because of your read on CO as solid?
  4. Yes, I would c/r the field on the flop (and cap) to try to get a bet or two from the button.I'd be tempted to lead the turn and call a raise but not 3-bet. I think this is close though.
  5. With UTG limping, I don't hate overlimping with deuces in this spot.I raise/jam the flop with two clubs on board.I jam the turn when I fill up.I (hope) I don't lose the max on the river and throw up a little when I do.
  6. My only question is on the river ... given your read that he's passive post-flop, the bet makes sense, but are you folding to a raise? Would you consider check/calling to induce a bet from a worse king, middle pair, or the naked Ac?
  7. Yikes, did you wake up on the wrong side of the Infinite Corridor today, Aseem?
  8. Building on what Abba and Aseem said, I think personal preference is vastly underrated (in life, as well as in poker, but that's another topic).If you like SH better, play more SH. If you like FR better, play more FR. For that matter, if you like LHE more than NL, or vice versa, go with your preference. Of course, you have to try it to find out if you like it.I just don't think it's worth fixating on one style, simply in the hopes of squeaking out a slightly higher winrate, if that means you end up playing a game or a style that you can't stand, and end up burning out in the process.
  9. I have converted to the church of fast play. Hand plays totally different and, I believe, much easier that way.
  10. You can also PokerStove JJ and see that it has an outright equity edge vs. as many as 9 random hands. Kinda extreme, but it's there.In fact, against 4 opponents, as in this hand, you actually have an equity edge with pocket pairs down to 55.Not saying I'd always raise 55 from the SB, but these two extremes should make you more comfortable with raising a big hand like JJ.
  11. Without reads I'd consider a PF 3-bet. I think the hand plays much differently that way.As played, I also like the idea of calling the flop 3-bet and raising the turn.
  12. I cap AKs in position. The hand plays differently after that.As played, after BB bets the flop, there are 7.5 small bets in the pot. You're getting 7.5 - 1 which makes it a peel unless you have a VERY strong read on BB which tells you he would only 3-bet PF with a hand to which you're drawing slim.Turn and river look standard to me.
  13. IF (the if is key) all of your 6 overcard outs are "clean", you need 7 - 1 (6.7 - 1 for you math geeks) to peel correctly. Obviously you subtract outs as you feel they could end up hurting you, as the fourth flush card would in the original hand, and you add outs that can help you, like the gutshot cards.As Zach said, given that the pot was offering you 14.5 - 1 on the flop, it is correct to peel even if your 3 clean gutshot outs are your ONLY outs, unless somehow you knew with 100% certainty that someone had the made flush already.
  14. I think we have to jam the turn. Your flop raise will look like something other than a flush draw to many players, so you'll get plenty of action from a worse flush, the straight, or a set. More and more I feel that getting money in on the turn helps on the river when scare cards hit. If you raise the turn, does UTG just call or does he 3-bet? If UTG does 3-bet, does UTG2 come along or fold? If you cap, as I think you should, do either of those players lead the board-pairing river? Being more aggressive on the turn, and what villains do in response, makes any river decision easier, imo.
  15. JJ are a value raise for me here, pretty much 100% of the time. I could be convinced otherwise, but I don't think it's that close.A PF raise would also let you represent the ace with a flop bet and might give you a better idea of where you're at. If villain raises, you can more comfortably fold, or peel and check/fold the turn.As played, and without reads, I think a river bet/fold and check/call are close, while check/fold is too weak.Just my two cents.
  16. I think you played it fine. I would 3-bet PF against an open raiser, or if I was on the button, but in this spot I think it's pretty close. With 3 limpers and a cold-caller, we're actually about even money against the combination of the PF raiser and cold-caller's range. We do have equity against the limpers, but we're OOP for the whole hand which offsets that a lot, imo. So overall, pretty close.Flop is an easy peel with as many as 10 outs, many of which are dirty, but we're getting an immediate 14.5 - 1.Turn is close between a call and a raise, but I think I just call. I prefer more peo
  17. Wondering if anyone here has used/uses or has any experience with either myCitadel or MoneyBookers?
  18. You might've seen it already but just wanted to make sure ... cheers!
  19. I think I played against that guy today too.
  20. I'd also like to know more about where we stand with this.In addition, if we did the 100% to $300 reload last week (that we had to email you to get credit for), are we still eligible for this one?
  21. Investing and poker are not that similar. Trading and poker, on the other hand, are very, very similar. Both are performance oriented endeavors, which makes them harder than a lot of things, where you're rewarded for your decision making. One of the attractions of poker is that you can, in theory, make more on a shorter bankroll than a trader. You won't consistently make $50k/year on a $10k trading account (trust me, I've tried), and even if you could, your risk-of-ruin would be very high. On the other hand, I suspect that "many" average to decent poker players could make $50k on a $10k b
  22. Party has made it official with a filing they made with the London Stock Exchange this morning, stating that they would withdraw their U.S. business when the bill is signed.http://www.londonstockexchange.com/LSECWS/...&source=RNSPacific also made it official: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/15095619/Stars has not made an official decision yet. Lee Jones made a post this morning at PocketFives stating the following:http://www.pocketfives.com/9FEF5CAC-8289-4...AFCD5B87B0.aspxParadise/SportingBet initially indicated that they were going to follow 888.com's lead, but they have since gone back on tha
  23. Andi ... thoughts and prayers with you. One of my best friends is in a Cav unit that spent a year stationed at Camp Victory. He came home healthy and with a ton of stories and I trust you will too.
  24. Where are you "upstate"? There's a lot of room up here ... lol.
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