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  1. I have coresponded with JJ several times and he has always emailed back. Real nice guy. One of my favs.
  2. That's the way I look at tournies as well. You can play for 8 hours and get zilch. You know how much I can earn in 8 hours of ring game play? HA, just as much if not more than that dang tourny.
  3. Ok, I play poker. A lot of poker. While holding down a job that requires around 50-60 hours a week, I play around 20-30 hours of poker a week.I do a lot of reading, studying, BSing about poker. Checking out FCP, RGP, and the rest. I run an affiliate site for an online poker site as well.The more I read and talk to people, it sounds like 90% of the players out there prefer tournaments. Even when I get a game going with the local college kids, they all talk about tournaments.Now, I don't dislike tournaments, I just very much rather prefer cash games.WHy is that? Why am I the minority?HELP.
  4. It's a horrible play in LHE and NLHE (Yes, I've seenit in NLHE) but it's a good play in Pot Limit games.
  5. Alright, I did it, I got my gamesgrid ID.IF anyone else is going to download it, insert my username for the referallcoach66Since everyone else is talking about referalls, you can download interpoker account at www.mcpoker.us No need to enter a referall name or anything, just download the software from www.mcpoker.usNow back to your regularly scheduled gamesgrid program.
  6. Please read the following with tongue in cheek:That's right all, the internet is RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED. They risk the millions of dollars that they do rake a year so that they can increase their bottom line by 10%. THat's right, risk all of it 100% for a 10% increase.Heck they've even spread to the WPT. Did you see Tuan (I am an internet samarai) catch that gut shot straight? RIGGED RIGGED RIGGEDPlease remove said tongue from cheek and shove it up your ass. It's not rigged. Aliens didn't really land in Area 51, Elvis isn't alive and Michael Jackson is not innocent.done.
  7. Is the 1000% bonus and VFP on any kind of time limit? Meaning, I won't be able to deposit until next week, will that be too late?Also, first person to PM me, I will use as a referal as long as you sign up for a poker account at another site for me.
  8. Not sure I understand your issues. The pot only needs to be $5 to be raked. You are talking about sitting with a bunch of TA on a 1/2 table, should not be that hard. I have played LHE there occasionally (I play on the NLHE tables, nightly) and have had NO problems. You must not be looking at the hands per hour and players to the flop stats that are giving on EVERY table? Also, lots of Euros play on that site, so at 10pm in the states it's 4am over there. Try playing at 5pm or so here in the states.Hope this helps.
  9. Yeah Pacific for sure and if I remember correctly pokerroom as well.
  10. Pokeroom has a .10 ante for 1/2 stud. I used to play there. Then I heard of Royal Vegas and the have no ante 1/2 stud. But there site sucks.I actually play at interpoker (www.mcpoker.us) now, even though it has .25 ante stud. They say to pick the games based on how much money you can win and I win pretty well at this site compared to others.
  11. Some online sites when both players are all in before the river will flip over both players cards and some wait until the board is dealt.Which do you prefer?
  12. This maybe obvious, but not to me. I have never paid anything to Neteller and don't see any advertising. Do they strictly make money from the sites that accept them?
  13. You have to withdraw the same way you deposited and I didn't want to do their BS neteller "bonus" so I just did wire transfer. Still waiting for the dang transfer.Oh and yes, I hardly ever can log on. I have only been able to log on once during the day, and almost all the time at night, but that's just not good business. I've even deleted the software and re dowloaded about 5 times to see if the problem was on my side, and I'm convinced it isn't.But I am awaiting my original deposit to get back and passively playing some NL ring games and SNG.Nothing great about the interface or players. S
  14. I did the deposit and refer a friend and got the 150, but I still have not received my deposit back from the original $400 deposit. That was about 1.5 weeks ago.
  15. You can 4 table and more at interpoker. I just opened up 7 just a minute ago to see if I could, and I could.
  16. Look, I graduated from Troy STATE University. They didn't become TROY University until last year. I hold true to the real name Troy STATE University.Boo Georgia. You can't even spell Dogs right.
  17. is this bonus just until 4/25?Also, to the guy complaining about spamming, you need to relax. Sounds like this guy was trying to help out. Geez.
  18. Troy St class of 2000. Boo to Auburn, Bama, UAB, AND Birm Southern.$1 for the Oglethorpe reference? I almost went to school there to run track. DIII.I now coach at Miss. State so boo to Florida, Kentucky, and the rest of the SEC.j/k
  19. I have this movie and I can't remember Daniel being in there at all. I could be wrong, maybe it is a super fast cameo that I missed. It's not a bad movie, of course, it's not a good movie.There are some good parts. Since there aren't a lot of poker movies out there anyway, it's nice to have in your collection. I still like Shade alot even though it's not a great movie either.Daniel said Cincinatti Kid is most realistic. I'm going to have to go get that one soon.
  20. I'll be in Baton Rouge, LA in two weekends. I heard that ARgosy opened up a room. Does anyone know anythign about it and if there are any other poker rooms close by?Thanks in advance.
  21. Seems like there is some interest in the interpoker deal. I play exclusively at this site. Yes I am an affiliate, so here you go, go to www.mcpoker.us to get your account for interpoker.Now, the real heart of this message is that since I do play exclusively at this site I can answer a lot of questions for you before you do sign up for an account. I have played every game on interpoker, excluding the heads up hold em. I play mostly NLHE and 7 stud, but have also played LHE, PLO and PLO/8.PM me if you have any questions about game selection, amount of players, tournaments, bonuses, tech supp
  22. APril has been unkind to me. I know it's only the first week, but the end of March counts too.Now, I'm not too sure about dropping down in limits, but what about changing games for a little while. I feel like I've gotten a little bored or stale with NLHE. What do you guys think about switchign to Omaha/8 and learning that, or even PLO?Let me know what you think.
  23. I will be in Austin from this Tuesday (April 5) thru Sunday. Would like a home game as well that needs players.Please PM me before Monday night.
  24. 35 people? Do any of you think that with all the poker rooms out there right now, that most will go belly up in the next year to year and a half and those people will go to the big ten (party, inter, ub, pacific, etc)?Could we see an increase in players on the sites we like to play on from all these poker mountains, noble pokers, etc that will probably not be in existance this time next year?
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