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  1. Easy preflop raise from the button. As far as the river, I'd probably bet this. MP2 probably had a weaker A. If it's a tricky player, I might check, but absent reads, I bet.
  2. no bonus right now, and yes, they usually have one each month, so no clue when november's is coming. They were offering some other type of bonus that was based on the player points (or whatever they are called), but it would clear so stupidly slow that I didn't bother with it, so not sure if that counts as their nov bonus.
  3. Pretty much, except for counterfeiting. It would combine the boredom of watching baseball on TV with the aggrivation of some donk playing J3 to a raise beating your 23 when a 2 spikes the river.
  4. Last night in a homegame, I have QQ on the button, a 3xbb raise and call in front of me, so I pop it to about 15xbb, sb goes all in (about 120bb) and 1 person calls, I call and sb flips over AQ. He hits his ace on the turn and I ask "why did you go all in with that hand? What did you put me on?" He replies, "queens or kings". The other person who called the all in had QTo, but I'm not sure who is fishier.
  5. 1.2 isn't super passive, but it's passive enough to where I fold this flop every time. If I misclicked and 3-bet, I'd play the rest the same.
  6. I'll raise this preflop against very bad players, but against typical 1/2 players (bad, but not very bad), I prefer to just call preflop. AQs is an obvious 3-bet. If I do raise preflop, I agree with betting the flop, but with just calling preflop, I like the c/r to get out any gutshots, which are going to be more common than flush draws here. If we know MP3 is fairly aggressive, betting out might be better, but against your average 1/2 passive player, I don't like betting out and praying for a raise.
  7. He have Acxc? That's the only thing that remotely makes sense here.
  8. What was stack size of the other 2 players?
  9. Please don't post here if you are just trying to show off your "expert play" and aren't ready to take some criticism and possibly reevaluate your own play. You're also not going to make it far as a poker player if you aren't able to critically evaluate your play, taking into account others' opinions, especially opinions from people better than you. Many times "flames" are actually full of important info. The 3 replies before your first reply all gave some info to you that you could use. You need to check your ego at the door when you click on a hand you posted and read the replies. It goe
  10. Not everyone has the money to play in the world series. Not everyone gets lucky enough to make the final table either. The right to criticize isn't reserved for those who are better in a certain field than those they wish to criticize. It doesn't take a pro to see how bad some of plays were.
  11. That hand was nearly as bad as the Tiffany Williamson all-in call with AJ. TW: "Let's see, raise, reraise, reraise all in, I call!"Really, when your raise is reraised on draw light board, pushing all in with top pair/weak kicker is probably the worst play possible. I seriously could not believe what I was witnessing.
  12. Get rakeback, that will increase your winrate tenfold.
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