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  1. Kinda funny actually. I was home here in Mass, and went to my friend's house in Dedham, and went to fill up at the local gas station, price was 2.13 (fukin too much money). But then I go to see my buddy in connecticut, and the price for gas is up at 2.89. I was like "WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT"basically cars suck, wish I could just teleport like the hot chicks in Lord of The G String, when Araporn teleports to PornDoor to get the mythical G string.
  2. greg is a great guy, but he never "KILLED" the games at foxwoods......
  3. AK vs AA....... I played it awful, and didn't care to think if he had a set or acesI should have reraised his small raise preflop, and when the flop hit I should at least put a bet instead of checking.'I played it awful, and deserved to lose.#Game No : 2247643870 ***** Hand History for Game 2247643870 *****NL Hold'em Trny:13319344 Level:6 Blinds (75/150) - Wednesday, June 22, 19:52:30 EDT 2005Table $5,000 Freeroll(370254) Table #25 (Real Money)Seat 7 is the buttonTotal number of players : 9 Seat 6: JPCelts21 ( $19227 )Seat 9: Lowset ( $195 )Seat 10: Egarim ( $200 )Seat 2: firebrandx ( $4310
  4. umm if anyone wants to watch im raping this freeroll right nowat 18k top stack in chips name JPCelts21
  5. Jean Gluck by far the dopest female poker player
  6. For some reason I always thought reading books would be useless, and the only way to really learn is by actually playing, and I think of myself as somewhat of a successfull player, but boy was I mistaken.Although, I already understand a lot of concepts sklansky and melmuth talk about in Hodelm for Advanced Players, I feel there is great insight in there and ways of thinking that I didn't factor in before. It has without a doubt helped my limit and nl game. Also, I ordered Helmuth Play Poker Like The Pros. Can't wait to read this one because simply Helmuth is hillarious. Also, I highly respect
  7. ti prepi na kanoume. What we have to do to join?
  8. The NL 2/4 300 Max/Min buy in game is easy money. People go in with complete garbage, expecting god know's what, just be patient and you should be able to double up easily and run over the table. Another thing. Right now the restauraunt next to the poker room is closed, which means waitresses can't bring u food like normal, WHICH SUX, so u gotta get up and get it downstairs. That is unless they fixed it up this week.good luck.
  9. He's greek! Obviously he's great!!! would you expect anything less from Harry?ZITO DEMETRIOU !!!
  10. grow da fuc up. You guys are seriously children, commenting on the kid's size, and cracking jokes. Funny when someone make's fun of daniel for being short or acting/lookin feminine (although he has a fiance) everyone gets on their knees for him and opens their mouth wide. But yet you make fun of a kid who just won a huge event at the WSOP, and all you can say is garbage .you people are fukin pathetic grow up, and get out of poker!
  11. Final Hand#Game No : 2163664797 ***** Hand History for Game 2163664797 *****NL Hold'em Trny:12855014 Level:17 Blinds (3000/6000) - Monday, June 06, 06:40:53 EDT 2005Table $5,000 Freeroll(356836) Table #1 (Real Money)Seat 4 is the buttonTotal number of players : 8 Seat 1: Jimton ( $95526 )Seat 2: VIJames ( $22512 )Seat 3: NSW99 ( $55712 )Seat 4: tibor288 ( $310244 )Seat 5: madamXY ( $101310 )Seat 6: JPCelts21 ( $11328 )Seat 7: meach3632 ( $15790 )Seat 9: GotUTilted83 ( $92760 )Trny:12855014 Level:17Blinds (3000/6000)** Dealing down cards **Dealt to JPCelts21 [ 9s 6h ]meach3632 folds.GotUTilte
  12. June 6th 2 am freeroll oh babyIN THE MONEY OH BABY I LUV IT LONG ASS NITE ITS FUKIN 6 40 amname = JPCelts21
  13. UNBELIEVABLE first hand of the teourney I play JJ vs AQ all in, I hit JJ on the turn and river, guy hit AQ off the flopquad j's oh baby how lucky lol
  14. Just wondering,. Have yet to check the site out but based on the figures I deposit 500, I ll have 5k in bonus waiting for me to clear correct?Take a long ass time to clear but seriously contemplating doing it.Has the traffic picked up there at all?thanks
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