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  1. I'm rooting for Victor and Spiros, too. Both nice guys who have been active players. Alex Todd should be a recognizable player too.Victor came close a few times and has a very interesting history outside of poker. Here's a photo of him with Gavin Smith at the USPC.
  2. Oops! I stand corrected. He played the WPT event there.I assume it is also related with the WPTE Player Advisory Committee and the fact that Connecticut is sorta "home". All bets are that Andy Bloch was nominated/elected and it'll be good to put more form and substance on the range of player concerns.I'm still a fan of the WPT and despite all the tourneys going on now, WPT events still generate largest purses and are run by the top poker rooms and casinos.
  3. Matusow owes me $1000... I think he owes me less than anyone. ;)that being said I would partially stake him in a tourney. but I throw away money like that sometimes.also, keep in mind that Full Tilters Chris Ferguson and Andy Bloch are done with the WPT (due to rights issues mostly). Or in their words they're "banned" by the WPT.This wouldn't be so bad of a question for the Circuit. I personally prefer Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith, but only because of Matusow overexposure.
  4. There have been horrible mistakes like this before and will happen again. I can think of big buy in tournaments where they purposely put all the big name marquee players at one table for TV coverage (yeah, you heard that right) and other sillyness that destroys the concept of poker or fair play. Even well run poker rooms occaisionally do stupid things like arrange seat assignments by first name - I mean, can you all imagine a table full of Phils?As poker matures I hope to see less of this, but as long as there's a glut of shows, and decisions are being made by outsiders this is what will happe
  5. Got to give this show great props. I have problems with some of it - the announcing is a less funny and a little too biting I think - better to highlight the clever comments that the players make at the table. There's quotables galore.But, otherwise where else can you watch high stakes poker like this except being at the table? The tourney scene is great, but this is closer to "real" poker - or at the least it's cash game poker that has not been accessible to the public.Anyway, Daniel's highlighted plays were perfect - and his play style is perfect for TV. Visually, tossing out the $50K bundl
  6. I think the key word here is "goofing".When poker players do this live, I try to jump into the game - no matter what the limits are. And then I pray for cards.
  7. Good luck with the 360s.I just got my Hockey Jersey last week from the WSOP Pool. It has the new FCP logos. I like the t-shirt most of the gear. But, find the logo to lack punch on any collared shirts in its small format. Something FCP would be much better.
  8. I'm talking about making it to the $1M prize - I'm pretty sure he's in the final 12. Non disclosures though.My reason for saying he didn't advance during the TV rounds is his work on Cardplayer's internet radio show and playing in the Five Diamond at Bellagio last week.
  9. anonymous trolling poster.warn him and temporarily suspend his account. i'll respect him when he'll say this in person, for now this thread is dead and should be deleted or moved to save people from wasting their time, energy etc.
  10. I thought I'd give you guys a late update.I didn't make the cut of 24 - let alone the final TV cut of 12. Things got a bit more competitive when a bunch of pros (like uber-BlackJack player Andy Bloch - who didn't get in) showed up for the LA auditions. Also, some pros (like Cyndy Violette) who were "guaranteed" a spot when I went to AC did not make the final cut to 12. I may have kicked my group's ass, but in hindsight, I don't think I should have been saying that the King of Vegas should have real pros instead of all these wannabees - which is still where I am. Note to self: be even more aggr
  11. That's NOT the Big Game area now. That's the steps that lead to the high stakes area.Anyway, security is hit or miss sometimes but observers are not allowed without permission.
  12. Of course people on FCP answer without knowing anything.You cannot railbird the big game. You cannot even watch from outside the room either (through the glass).If you want to... you'll need permission from the players.
  13. I think I'm folding this hand. I'm not there, but I believe I'm facing a set of tens or Aces even here.In the past, I've been the last to act - and threw away my bottom set. And then prcoeded to see myself win the pot if I had stayed in (making a boat or quads).I guess I should listen to Harrington and just plan on losing money with a set.
  14. I'm going with Raymer. The glasses is something he is known for more than anyone.And because he lives in North Carolina now (like everyone else who hasn't gone to the West Coast or Vegas). And this is up his alley in terms of his lifestyle etc.What do I win? Oh yeah, nothing. GL and hope this all works out.
  15. Thanks for the story. I liked it and will re-tell it again sometime at a table if it comes up (which of course it will). Thanks for all the details.Hmm... I have a bunch of good stories now that involve pokerloser. Keep 'em coming.Personally, I kinda hate the $100 max buy in games but, they are just so juicy.
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