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  1. 100% negotiation tactic. Fox is dumb (dumb enough to cancel and then have to go and bring it back half a decade later) but not dumb enough to piss of the fan base that kept it alive and helped bring it back by getting rid of the voices.
  2. For those not sure about the flop call, this could clear up the messy hand posting: According to this, 6 people saw the flop, and preflop it was capped before it got to him, below are the min and max odds that he is getting preflop based on that:Sb, Hero (BB), Call, Call, Raise, Raise, Small Blind caps, Hero(BB) calls, call, call, callBets in pot: 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 6.5, 9.5, 13.5, Hero calls getting 4.5:1 (16.5sb now), 20, 23, 26Sb, Hero (BB), Raise, Raise, Cap, Call, Small Blind calls, Hero(BB) calls, Call, CallBets in pot: 1.5, 3.5, 6.5, 10.5, 14.5, 18, Hero Calls getting 9:1 (21 sb now), 24
  3. Eh, ignore it and keep playing, table turnover will keep new blood coming in. I play at Wheeling Island in WV, one of the other regulars always harasses me about playing too tight (in reality, he's just a regular that plays too loose) I just chuckle, give him a hard time back and keep playing, because he and everyone else will keep calling. Also, sometimes you don't need to loosen up your cards, just loosen up your attitude. In small stakes games, the only time people notice you aren't playing hands is when you sit there dead silent while you aren't playing. If you just talk to people, the
  4. What i'm saying is, this is an easy value bet.
  5. I put him on big pocket pair, and he's waiting for a safe turn to bet. As for my actions, it depends on how sure I am thats what he's got... Without knowledge, i'm probably calling down
  6. I think we piggyback our HP tablet PC program off Grove City because they order so much more than us... Don't those tablets suck? I have to put in 10-15 warranty requests/day
  7. Is grove city near pittsburgh? I work for chatham universities IT department and I often hear "grove city" mentioned.
  8. This could be simple, or hard.. Let's make it simple:1. Go here, download HijackThis http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/programs.php2. Open program, choose "do a system scan and save a logfile3. Open the log file, copy and paste it in forum, it will help diagnose the problem.
  9. Well, when it comes to getting raised on the turn, it's very much situation dependent. So it's hard to offer advice there, however:"Should I be looking to deviate more from the SSHE norm at this point, and looking more toward HEFAP for advice? Isolate more in position? Tighten up oop? I'm already running at a 14ish VPIP."Stick with SSHE as the norm here. If you are running at 14 VPIP then you are playing tight enough. Always pay attention to position, it's overlooked yet ridiculously crucial.
  10. Call down IMO, 5 safe outs if you're behind, but I also think you are ahead here often enough.
  11. c/c is my choice. I'm not firing a third barrel here unless I'm quite confident he's going to fold. He won't call us with much that we beat, but he might bet out with something we beat if we check to him.
  12. I think you're correct here often enough to warrant an apology. So I apologize, but remain a skeptic
  13. Yes, but check/check misses an easy value bet. Our goal isn't to show down, it's money. If you put him on 78 or 99 why would you check? Ax + pocket pairs higher than 6 all call us here. Bet this, every time.
  14. Raise flop, plenty-o-action going on, you want money in.No, fold the turn ...My dad always said there is no such thing as a stupid question. You either just proved him wrong, or you are just trying to brag but needed to think of a question to slip in.
  15. Nice hand. Turn bet is correct, river call is correct. Him waking up at the end sucks, and you are probably beat, but not often enough to fold.
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