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  1. Raise and draw two.I limp UTG in 2-7 about once per month or so. Raise to get position or get the hell out of the way.
  2. UB has Pineapple and Pineapple 8 or below (Limit only). Tried the high/low version once but got screwed up when I realized that I didn't have to play two low cards from my hand to make a low.Suited connectors and suited aces have more value in this game than LHE, and unsuited overcards have a lower value. Raise preflop with monster pairs, but don't always expect them to hold up.
  3. Fold preflop. Fold that flop in a nanosecond.Playing mediocre flush draws in PLO is a fantastic way to light money on fire.
  4. I lead out the turn with a pot bet.It's a much easier decision than calling a big pot bet is.
  5. Everything he said. Also, you better be prepared for some short term swings.
  6. 12 outs twice, let's call.You raised to steal/flush draw and flopped a flush draw. A set might worry me here, but a bigger flush draw doesn't.
  7. Short version: Bet when you hit, check when you don't.Long version: Read SS2.
  8. If this is typical of the way you play after taking "bad beats", PLO is not the game for you. People tend to draw out frequently in a drawing game.
  9. fold preflopand stop playing PLO immediately
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