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  1. You got me, though it makes as much sense as the seven-card board, doesn't it? Next time I'll use pictures for you, ok? Maybe I'll design a pop-up book and mail it to you, but I will make sure someone walks you through the complicated process of placing your fingers on the tab and then pulling.
  2. I didn't even expect replies. Just needed to vent and couldn't be bothered to create a blog just for bitching.Anyways, yeah ... it couldn't have been 2 black deuces, but he did have Quads.I wasn't pulling people's exact holdings when I said someone cold calling with Ace 2 since obviously that was impossible, but you know what I mean. Well ... judging from some of these replies, no you don't, but I don't care about those people.Point is, for me, I have far greater success elsewhere. InterPoker was my example. I've played 2000 hands there and am currently averaging 5.5 BB/100 and I think that's
  3. I find InterPoker's 1/2 extremely soft. I can begin playing two tables with $40 on each and double up on both inside of an hour.
  4. Oh my God. I realized you are 1oo% correct. Thank you for setting me straight. I know he had the correct odds. But the 5 other people in the pot with junk hands like J9 clubs, Q8, Ace 2 ... they didn't. Oh, and to the retard that told me to stop playing .50/1? When PP gave me $20, it was all that was in my account. Maybe I should have gone to a $5/10, posted the blinds, and then gone off to ass bang your mom. Better?Now I'm going to post every bad beat I get handed to me.
  5. I had planned to stay away from the site forever, but they gave me $20, so why not? Let's see if I can crush the ol' .50/1 crowd.First hand ... AK hearts. Hey, off to a good start and I'm UTG+1.UTG raises. I reraise. Half the table calls 3 bets cold. The button caps. So now we have 6 people seeing the flop after a capped pre-flop.It comes down 2 spades, 2 hearts, Ace clubs. Not too shabby. UTG bets. I reraise. One cold caller on my left, button reraises. We all call.Turn is a 7 diamonds. UTG checks, I bet, cold caller folds, button raises, UTG reraises (hm), I fold (someone has me beat), butto
  6. I wish I was Jessica Alba's boyfriend. What's your point?
  7. you're lucky it worked out for you, because you made an incorrect decision, in my opinion. 4 handed that's a great hand. fold, and you risk all crap cards and missing the money.
  8. Heh, yeah. And it gave me something to do while I finish clearing my Interpoker bonus.
  9. Being a statistics guy and all, you should know how incorrect you are.I guarantee if you select 25 of the players selected to be on the PPT at random, and accumulate their tournament results over the last 3 years, the average winnings per tournament of those 25 won't even be close to lindgrens.ill put 100 on itdeal?Maybe you shoulda talked about those "parameters you'd both agree on" first. These are the parameters you set. THIS is your bet. He accepted. Then you tried to reneg on it.Yes?
  10. sure, chances are the 25 you pick are all on the PPT anyway, so i guess that was a moot pointwhere do you get the results of every tournament for these players?thats a website id like to visitFirst page, about halfway down.See where you say "sure"?Tradionally that means yes. Well, at least one good thing will come of this thread. Everyone will realize that you can't be trusted with cash or a the promise thereof or a wager of any kind.That's good to know, I guess.now that's what you call verbally backing someone into a corner.And Absolute, usually the person offering the bet works out those p
  11. I'd imagine just picking Raymer, Moneymaker, Action Dan, Hellmuth, Ivey, and Doyle could give Smash the win if this was a real bet....which it obviously isn't, seeing how Absolute has been backing out of it.Lindgren is very good. No doubt about it. But is he THAT MUCH better than an Ivey, Greenstein, Doyle, Negreneau, Chan, Farha, etc.?Some days, yes. Some, no. So what's the thing that his given him that edge? Luck.
  12. If I'm already playing, is it too late to get involved with one of those rake back programs?
  13. Just signed up to take advantage of the 100% up to $100 monthly offer?What are you opinions on the site? ...i.e. skill level, cash out waiting period, support, tournies, etc.Thanks.
  14. Don't read anything poker related. Let your brain relax. I doubt you'll learn anything new/helpful between now and the time the tournament starts.
  15. "Amazing how many posters here are in the money over half the time in SnG's considering the statistic unlikelyhood. It's like 30 people you know winning Powerball or something."Another one I like is ..."Hi guys. I just deposited $100 into Site X and turned it into $1200 in 3 days. What should I do now?"I see those at least once per week. Must be a rush on lucky retards who can't manage a BR. Or liars. Your pick.
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