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  1. The latest date is April 25th. If this date holds you should be able to find all 4 versions in stores on the 26th.
  2. The whole backwards compatibility issue is a complete mess. I don't want to make this post too long, so just suffice to say that none of the game publishers know prior to releasing an Xbox game whether or not it will be compatible with the 360 when they ship it.It is completely up to Microsoft after the fact to work on tweaking the game and offering a patch to ensure compatibility.Trust me when I tell you that the publishers all want their games to be compatible and if they could assure the buying public ahead of time they would, but they can't, so they don't.Basically you will have to wait u
  3. I just returned from Destination PlayStation and asked Atari that very question. Right now it looks like April.The issue is the PS2 version that is causing the hold up for all of them as they want to release all 4 versions at the same time. The online component which is critical to the products success has not passed QA at Sony so they cannot release it until it does.Tough position for them to be in but that my friends is the status of the game. I and Atari are still very interested in doing a promotion for the game with Mr. Negreanu doing an in store signing in either NY, LA or SF with a h
  4. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?!You need at LEAST 485,321bb to have any sense of security at all.You, my friend, have far too much gambool in you.Leave it to the Spademan to inject a little levity in to the situation.Well done!
  5. I have read most but not all the comments in the thread so this may have already been brought up.The biggest issue/problem I see with the new game is that I believe you are severely overestimating the intelligence of many of today's players when you assume that because you have made the odds of drawing to a flush, straight etc., worse therefore people will fold more.I for one do not think that the players who make statistically poor draws today will change because of this game.Stupid is as stupid does.I certainly applaud anyone that has the entrepreneurial spirit and tries something different.
  6. Yes you can, there is a special FCP 800 number set up for this purpose. You call the number and read the operator your hole cards, and then she reads you the flop.Call 1-800-los-emny
  7. Not sure if this will help, but I have found the best thing to do, is to do an EFT tranfer directly into your checking account.There is NO fee for this and I have found the money in my account within 24 hours worst case everytime I have done it.Then you have the money in your checking account and can use your visa/mastercard debit card from your bank with no fees.I never use my neteller debit card for the reasons you have mentioned. I think Neteller is by far the best if you use EFT since there are no fees involved and to get money out is lightning fast.Putting money in takes a few days using
  8. ROFLMAOTouche, and well done.I think though that the protege is going to be the villain in the next Batman movie.
  9. I thought you died.The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated!
  10. I like the new look. Lo0ks very professional and looks like quite a bit time and effort went in to it.I would imagine the reason it seems a bit tougher to navigate is that the forums are not fully integrated to into the new site, but would imagine that it will be more seemless in the future.It has been a loooong time since I have played at Pokerroom so I can't really remember how much I liked or disliked it.However I think the promotions are well thought out and pretty cool so I will certainly give it a shot.
  11. Love the new look. Haven't had a chance to read through all the details yet but I am sure it is all great.
  12. This is all very messy at this point, but if you go online to the Xbox website and others you can see a list of the games that have been tested thus far and are known to be backwardly compatible.This will NOT be nearly as smooth as it was with the PS1 to PS2 compatibility.You also MUST have the HD for the compatibility since you need to have emulators running on the HD.
  13. No current plans for an Xbox 360 version, but it is all but certain that the Xbox version will work fine on the 360.No real reason to do a version specifically for the 360 yet as you can't do much in the way of enhancing it and by making it for the original Xbox you get the current installed base of Xbox plus the benefit of new Xbox 360 owners.Not coming either way until February.They also have a promotional Stacked chip set that may be made available depending on the retailer. This will most likely be a gift with purchase item.We have been offered this set, not sure if we will mess with it a
  14. I saw the subject, read the first line, skipped over the link, and here I am. Major, this post makes you look childish. I was expecting a newbie to post that, not someone like yourself. Like the man said, the mods have enough to do without you acting like a pretentious asshole. And now that you mention it, I lost last night as well. You don't see me begging for pity though. You should grow up. JLOLI assure you that I was NOT looking for pity. Just a tad shell shocked lately by a horrendous run of card spitting at me luck, so was looking for a wee bit of reasurance. I already said that I went
  15. I will kill two birds with one stone, believe me this is definitely not the first time something similar has happened and sure as hell won't be the last.Probably the most interesting thing was that we weren't both all in pre-flop and our hands were pretty well disguised after the flop.I certainly don't blame his play at all, this hand was destined to go down the way it did, just a tad shell shocked so I was looking for a little confirmation that I couldn't get out of the way of the train that was bearing down on me.Royal you are right, next time I will post it in the right place or not at all.
  16. I know I should post this in the bad beat forum but I know that our moderators will move it and this area seems to get more traffic.Well I very much understand what Daniel means by the cards spitting in your face. I was doing very well in a tourney last night with a pretty good shot at the money when the hand below occurred.I think I played this about as good as I could, and was destined to go broke but I still welcome any feedback. Was there any way I could have played this better? I didn't slow play and am pretty sure that I really couldn't do much else but as there are so many opinions o
  17. No not that kind of sauce!Marion Sauce!I thought I played pretty well for a change, I get Q's twice in a row. First time I raise, no takers.Second time I raise and Marion re-raises. I end up going all in with Queens, against her Kings!Cripples me down to about $900! Nice hand Marion!Couple of hands later I push all in with 7's and someone, (have no idea who) calls with 8's.No improvement for me and he hits an 8 on the flop and it is good night gracie!
  18. That was the last date, but they have not updated their dates.It is now going to be released at the end of February 2006 for:PSPPS2XboxPCThe current ship date is Tuesday February 28th, which if it does not change means it will be in most stores between Wednesday March 1st and Friday the 3rd.
  19. Limit which means it will probaby last until next Tuesday! Well time to make my 1 1/4 hour drive home so I can make it in time to play in this.See you guys at the table. For those of you that don't have the same PS name as your FCP name, let us know what it is so we can sweat you.Good luck
  20. I like having a larger stack to start with, gives you much more room to manuever.I would imagine it will fill up so 1st prize will be $5,500. They started registration 2 hours ahead of the tourney instead of the usual 1 hour.Well good luck whatever you decide. It will be a long one. I checked with support and they said the last one took 12 hours!I am glad they started offering these.
  21. I'm in should be fun.It is capped at 1,100.What is your PS name?
  22. The game has an online component which makes things more complicated than just slapping on graphics.Also the PS2 and PSP version have interconnectivity which has not really been done to date, so that is another component.Because of the economics of the business and leveraging multi-platform releases, even if one version is ready, it makes good business sense to hold one to ship them all at the same time.Again this is a very complicated business and there are other factors, but again the delay is a good thing and not indicative of their being any specific problems and will actually put them at
  23. Yes, delays are normal, but this is now eight - nine months.Most games delayed that long don't turn out very well. We'll see what happens......I will reserve my judgement until then.As somone who has spent 20 years in the video game industry I can tell you that delays are usually a good sign not a bad one.Does the delay guarantee a better game? No, but it usually indicates that the developer really cares about the quality and is doing everything they can to ensure a great product.Many companies' particularly public ones have suffered and or gone out of business, (Acclaim) because they refuse
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