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  1. How to get over bad beats 101: 1. Start playing omaha2. Play Omaha Hi/Lo3. Go back to Texas Hold Em, and the bad beats never seem as bad.
  2. Just torrent it, no commercials....... 41 to 43 minute program without the commercials and you now have it archived!
  3. Ok, When is this coming out? The release date has been pushed back again!!! This is starting to look like Vaporware. Anyone have any ideas of why all the delays?
  4. Ok, I joined Full Tilt before they even had cash tables, my questiong is... Do you have to be a new member to get a rake back deal? Or can I do it with my exsisting account?
  5. Yea, good post, did you stay for just the night or are you going to be there for awhile?
  6. pretty sweet, lets get this thing filled up!
  7. Well, looks like Layne Flack is sitting down at the table now....
  8. Go get em.......And the chip leader is.......love4hockey.......
  9. And its over, after an early rush by icrapout he ends up busting out..... NEXT!!!!!!!
  10. Well, the knock out punch seems to be coming soon, icrapout is down to about 4k
  11. 50k, he's back up to 43k, icapout's rush seems to be over.....
  12. Daniel is down about 25k right now, this guy is catching cards left and right.......
  13. From what I remember from last year (I went in March). The Orleans was the Omaha Card Room. Dont remember seeing any PL games, i was playing the 5/10 hi/lo
  14. Anyone know the phone number for the UB stone cuts tourney line?
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