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  1. Push-ups.Lots of 'em.Flush just got beat by a runner-runner full house? Hit the deck, maggot.
  2. "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Occam's Razor (also spelt Ockham's Razor), is a principle attributed to the 14th-century English logician and Franciscan friar, William of Ockham. It forms the basis of methodological reductionism, also called the principle of parsimony or law of economy.In its simplest form, Occam's Razor states that one should make no more assumptions than needed. Put into everyday language, it saysThe simplest explanation is the best.When multiple explanations are available for a phenomenon, the simplest version is preferred. For example, a charred tree on the ground c
  3. ROFL! You guys never cease to amaze me. Quick and funny. Bravo.Point taken.
  4. Has anyone had experience with getting staked to play online?I won't list the site I saw, I'm sure there are many others. This one came up as observer chat spam while I was playing at Interpoker. Here's the quote from their site:"The XXXXXX Poker Group is a group of successful poker professionals based throughout the United States.We are on the lookout for the next wave of poker stars.We want to give money to players who demonstrate exceptional skill and potential. This money is for you to play poker with, and you will keep 99% of your winnings! If you happen to lose the money we give you, th
  5. I'm a Mac guy, too. I finally caved and bought a cheap PC laptop on eBay. Ended up costing a little more than Virtual PC, not much. Made that money backin sign-up bonuses anyways.It still makes me feel dirty just using a PC. Like I need to wash my hands afterwards. Maybe that's because I use it to cruise porn, too... did I type that out loud? oops...
  6. thats by far the coolest thing I ahve seen in a long timeNot saying that you would ever sell that, but if you did, you'd make a mint.Great idea, great opportunity, excellent presentation.
  7. I do some woodworking in my spare time and I just have to say...That poker table in Daniel's house is GORGEOUS! WOW!I expected nothing less but, wow, nice!Great reporting job, btw, Jason. I'm very jealous.
  8. So I see that Poker Source Online is now offering Poker Academy Pro 2.0.Does anyone have experience with the software? Would you recommend it as a teaching tool? I like the fact that it's Mac-friendly and I can play at work (firewall issues), but is it worth giving up a bonus run towards me getting an iPod?
  9. The bad beats don't affect my mood as much as the times when I know I'm beat but for some reason I call anyways (I think it might be Marion using the Force on me). I usually stomp around calling myself a donkey and kicking the furmiture. My wife doesn't appreciate that much, especially when I wake up the baby.My new ritual is to click "sit out" and hit the deck for 20 push-ups. Just like coach would make us do when we'd hit a pop-up in baseball practice in high school. Seems to help.
  10. I think the latest version of PT allows you to auto-import hands from Prima now. Check in the support forums over at pokertracker. If your question hasn't been answered already beforehand, Pat (the mod, support, creator, uber-coolguy) will answer your question right quick.
  11. Ulliot owes me money and he's dodging me...Eyuck... aweful.
  12. What was it he said to Antonio when Ol' Rocks and Rings busted him out and started doing his magician wave-thing on the WPT (SanJose?)?Something like just shake my hand or something?Little help?
  13. Most embarassing song on my ipod:"Barber of Seville" - Rigaletto...but not for any snooty cultured reason, just cuz it reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon where he and Elmer are on the barber's chairs going up, up, up...Still cracks me up.
  14. To combat the "it's just a quarter" argument, I started thinking in terms of Big Bets (BB) and Small Bets (SB) only. Not only does it make me play more correctly, my brain hurts less when computing pot odds.
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