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  1. yes, his page on espn is still free. All of his articles from the last 3 months are also free. Anything older than that you can only get with insider.And what exactly is different about his new columns? What has changed so much that makes you miss the "old" Bill? If you are talking about his pre-ESPN website, yeah it sucks that he cant swear and tell some r-rated stories anymore. But the ESPN gig has a lotta perks too, namely all those Super Bowl reports and other trip reports.
  2. monsterrain

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    like my dad always taught me when i was growing up.....its not whether you win or lose....its whether you cover
  3. not to rain on the bama parade or anything, but their best player was carted off the field after his theisman-esque broken leg today. On a 4th and 5 deep pass, up 28 points, with 9 min to go. Rather silly in hindsight i gotta say.still got a good squad, and very well might win the SEC, but it just got a whole lot tougher......maybe needlessly. You bama fans will be arguing over that ad nauseum this week.
  4. was just down to 130 against the takeover, and came back to win in about 10 hands5-6 now, 4 in a row...not too shabby after alledit: make that 6-6, just beat bet2win again
  5. he has bounced back a bit, 4-6 now, won 3 in a row to limit the damage
  6. lost 2 more. some one call lee jones i can't watch this anymore. better yet look up berkowitz, call his mom and tell her to pull the plug. $25 on stars for anyone who does it.make sure the number isnt from new york, or she might answer" they already did"son of sam reference, in case you missed it
  7. negreanu should call the kid up, fly out to meet him, and relieve him of all that pesky money jordan seems to hate so much.Would be a much more efficient way of losing 500k+
  8. that was only 1 of 4 matches panella was playing....lost 3 of em all in under 40 min.... -10k and counting
  9. a woman who is still younger than kristy gazes. Way to go Bill.....talk about trading up( or down if you will)
  10. i totally did what raymer said during that big hand.....when pickle called the all in, i saw his kings first...then looked down to those monster bullets. musta been heartbreaking for pickle.....aaaaaa range of hands there was basically everything
  11. hey now....these things go hand-in-hand....i meant sports betting and pokerl, but you can also apply too young with too much cashHad a monster week myself, +14 units and change
  12. from what I understand, the law is vague at best on thisfrom what i've been told the law is clear, it is just the enforcement part that is vaguemaybe i'll start a forum at another time to see if anyone has ever run into any legal/tax problems as a result of online poker._____________________________________________________www.pokulator.com check the odds, raise your gamei made the mistake of having over 10k deposited to my bank at once from pokerstars.....needless to say, the bank automatically reported this to the irs. Thankfully they were nice enough to inform me of what they did, so i was
  13. this was a joke right?side note...barry just got a very uncomfortable response when he talked about it being illegal for the 18 year old kid to cash out....that was cringe humor at its finest, waiting for the pstars staff to come up with a response
  14. he may be talking crap, but at least that line made sense. The rest of what has been typed is pure jibberish. WTF are these people talking about?
  15. first of all, the colts didnt take out the first string defense until the last series....second of all, Wright went 19-31 for 214 yards in a little more than a quarter. A quarter!!! he led drives of 53 yards, 63 yards, and 68 yards.....Were you watching the same game??? It was only 17-0 when Wright came in. On his first play, it was 2nd and 20 from his own 10 yard line, with 5 min left in the third. He proceeded down to the indy 18, before a missed field goal. He got the ball back with 12 min to go, went from his 12 yard line down to the indy 20 before the pick in the end zone. This drive wa
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