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  1. man, giving away the ending is not cool, it's fun keeping up the tension and suspense here...
  2. I'm going for supernova this year..34.17% of the way so far!But yah, 3914 vpp/day is doable, 6-tabling shorthanded 3/6 gets about 350vpp/hour I believe, so obvy with higher stakes and a solid grind a supernova could get this done.
  3. I've made a deposit with eChecks, and it was in my ps account instantly and out of my bank account 2 business days later, with no fees (unlike neteller). I'm assuming withdrawls work the same way, but I can't try yet 'cause ps is still withdrawing to neteller as a default.You give out your SIN anytime you apply for a job (hah), or to school, for loans, etc. I guess having your SIN would be helpful to an identity theif if they could somehow hack the ps transaction, but I think they'd need more info on you to do any real damage (which I guess they could get anyways if they were viewing your ps d
  4. what about eChecks? I tested it this week and made two small deposits fine, with no fees (unlike neteller). Tomorrow I'm going to see if the withdraw works as smoothly.
  5. sumbitch...does this mean we have to either sign up for epassporte, which cardplayer said has crazy high fees, or wait for cheques to withdrawl?damn neteller for knocking me off my comfortably smug perch of supposed superiority
  6. it happens..every poker player goes broke at some point, right?
  7. heh, I play 30 stts but 3/6 and 5/10 all the time...are those stts out of your roll or do you just like little cash games?
  8. that's a sweet idea! I have seldom used chips too and am too lazy to keep paper results, this should be fun.
  9. yah I'm in the 180 sttI've been running pretty hot lately too so I might even be interested in giving a stake if it'll drum up some interest...(preferably someone who has like <$10 in their account and otherwise wouldn't get to do a barrage)
  10. doesn't seem like much interest now, but I see it's midnight in 5 mins and I'd be up for it...
  11. wow, is the first time ever that someone admitted to sucking at limit hold'em?
  12. I totally forgot about this today, oops...but I see I don't owe anyone $10, yay for that! Maybe I'll put it up for staking later instead to celebrate being done exams
  13. haha, studying is ***...I slept last "night" after being up for 70 hours straight, and now I have an exam tuesday morning. Sleeping monday isn't an option, so I'm staying up 6 more hours so I'll be able to stay up tomorra until the 9am exam
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