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  1. Check... if you bet and are reraised here I don't see how you can muster a call... When he bets 1500-1800 we should call and see the River... He can show up here with anything between 99-JJ...He also could turn over AA pretty easily... Either way a check call turn check call river is going to cost you the minimum
  2. you should of just said you were going to to what DN is doing, except starting with 200 and playing limit...it would of made reading alot easier
  3. try to come out firing... if people are beating me to the punch i will limp and call small raises to see the flop
  4. If you're showing a profit by grinding why would you ever change your strategy?Let's say you are playing 1/2 and you start with 100BB...if in an hour, you are grinding and you are now at 125-150BB i think it would be silly to start gambling at that point, considering you just made yourself $50-$100 bucksI would probably tighten up just a shade to protect that profit... especially if you are playing for money to cash out or if you are looking to build a bankroll...
  5. i would prob. call... only because you bet 5555, and i hate when people make stupid bets like that and will usually reraise w/ any 2... maybe thats why im only a little better then break even though
  6. ok...with the current economic situation in the country...and your lack of real buy ins for a 1-2 game...why not just stay in chicago and play online?you can increase your bankroll tenfold... set yourself up nice... new monitor, computer, chair, desk etc...and you also dont have the pressure of finding a job in a new state, away from your family and all that nonsense
  7. I was playing in a tournament in Atlantic City yesterday and this came up...after the first break a player left and didnt come back..he obviously blinded out...my question is - when he eventually was all in w/ his last 25 chip on an Ante, does his hand go into the muck because he is not there to represent it, or does it get played as if he was there?topic should real Live.... can we change the edit function to adjust that as well?
  8. of course i start to watch right before the dinner break
  9. did you win the bad beat jackpot?
  10. my guess is that he would of went w/ the "It's may favorite hand man.... sorry"....at the same time, if you go to 2400 you can easily fold the flop...2 bad plays imo
  11. right... and there is 3700 in the pot after the flop...is he really going to fold any of his hands to another 600, when he is getting just about 9-1...you could of very easily reraised it to 1200, then atleast bet 1200 on that flop to get him to fold...it seems like you were pwnd and are still in shock....get over it phan
  12. why would you put all your chips at risk in that situation?
  13. i liked this story the first time I saw it, when it was called The Cooler and starred William H Macy
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