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  1. I think I may have copped the worst beats I have ever had last night. I had a great run of cards A,K A,Ksu Q,Q K,K K,Qsu, flushes, trips and anything else you could think of, and yup I got beat.I know I played good and over the long run I will come out infront playing the way I did. I guess that's poker folks.Anyway I won't let it bother me cause it's just another part of the game we all love. I'll just keep on grinding it out.
  2. Ya, sorry about the pace but I've had things going on and thought it best not to play poker, only just punched out a few hands now
  3. Hi ZachI hope I'm not being a pain on the forum. I don't know much about creating blogs and stuff like that. I just thought it would be fun to try and do what Daniel is doing but do it on limit poker. Plus it should be a cool thing for people to watch and read up on how I'm going.I realy do hope I'm not being a problem or anything like that?
  4. Just to keep everyone upto date I will be posting the results on the first post of this thread. Oh and thank you to everyone for the replies and best whishes
  5. So another 45 minutes or so of play and another $5.65Saw the flop a total of 19 out of 43 (44%)
  6. Ok so just a quick update.Havent had a great deal of playing time but in the last hour or so I've seen about 34% out of 100 hands leaving with a $18 profit. I will make my results a touch more user friendly in future posts.Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great weekend and may the flop be with you
  7. Sunday Million would be nice, I'll see how I go with this first then smash the millions at a later date
  8. As mentioned before I didn't want to jack this thread so I created my own $200 to $100k at this link http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...howtopic=132596 Please feel free to drop in.
  9. Ok so the idea is to go from $200 to $100k playing limit hold'em.I will be starting with $200 on the blinds of 50c/$1 and moving up to $1/$2 when I get to a bank roll of $400.My buy in will be 10% of the bank roll. So it will be 50c/$1 table $20 buy in with a bank roll of $200.I'm sure many of you will say this just isn't enough to play with as the swings will kill me, and this may be very true but I would like to see how far I can actually go and it should make for an interesting thread for people to follow.In its simple form I should be able to steam roll to $100k in no time, but we all know
  10. Hi Daniel and everyoneI'm going to be doing much the same thing and would like to post my progress along the way. The major difference is I will be playing limit and starting with $200.I don't want to hijack this thread so I will start my own in another section of this site.Obviously it won't be as enjoyable for others to watch, as I'm a nobody in the world of poker compared to DN but I hope it's of some fun and possibly teach someone along the way Lets keep it fun and help poker grow!P.S I'll post the rules and other fun stuff when I start my $200 thread
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