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  1. Has villan been showing down any hands? tendencies u have picked up on? Ur pot odds are only 1.875 to 1 really crappy odds with basically a bluff catcher .... i pretty much fold here but it is a pretty cheap call just to get a read on villan
  2. W/o any reads on the opponet and a made flush on the board i am not really sure why u are still in the hand after the flop a bet saved is a bet earned fold and move on
  3. I am calling so fast i am going to drive the button on my mouse so far thru my desk that i am going to have to pick it out of my leg ..... It is a DON tourney you have both well covered and are in no danger of going out ..... The article which you refer to about folding AA preflop refers to Super Satallite Tourneys right on the bubble with Garunteed Seats given to the remaing players and one of the shovers that shoved over the short stack has you covered .....
  4. J think you have to go with opponet reads and prior acvtions have you seen villian 2 call with questionable hands? Against 2 random overs your pretty much a 55/45 favorite (coin flipping) against overpairs your hoping this is one of those 17.5% of the times you bust out a set on them ..... But given your M in relation to the cost of living I am shipping to either induce a fold from the big stack and Isolate or grab 2 folds because my gut is the shorter stack is shoving any flop given the limited info .... and w/o a really strong hand i cant see the second villian calling off half his stack but
  5. I like a check behind your drawing to a straight and any 8 or k gets u there and the second nut flush .... so why not take a free card i mean you bet say 1/4 to half pot and he shoves what do you do? take the free card and evaluate from there
  6. My thought process is on a dry board with multiple opponets I would tend to flat the PFR hoping that one of the other Villians will flat also adding extra value to the pot thus capturing some extra value and see if i can get another street of value out of them then check shove the turn? Believable line ?
  7. Now my question is do you flat the PFR big raise and 3 bet the turn or do you 3 bet the flop?
  8. at a stt tourney the small ball strategy is hard to employ and the chip value you keep loosing when most everyone is limping is tough to compensate for .... I usually play a lot of hands at the early stages get a cushion and then set on cruise control until 75/150 .... early stage hand ranges for limping is pairs 22-99 all sooted connectors one gappers and even 2 gappers , the only thing i am really raising enough to push people out in early stages is KK+ and i am pretty much shoving those as in the low buy in stakes many people have a hard time locating the fold button unless their tournament
  9. Ok after hearing a podcast about actually donk betting into a pre flop raiser with a strong hand (Sets, etc... on a pretty dry board)to extract max value when OOP as opposed to check raising and killing the action .... it really struck a coord with me as many times the line i will take with flopped sets and straights was to check call then check raise the turn .....I kind of think it could be a good line to take especially against weak opponets who tend to play their hands face up but still have the ability to fold to a check raise but i thhink this line of leading into them then flatting thei
  10. Honestly at 1cent 2 cent i am simply amazed the third guy laid his hand down
  11. This one is fairly tricky ..... OOP and a villian who knows that you know his image and actually understand image ...... I dont hate folding but i dont hate check calling all the way down if the flush doesnt get there ...... because he is either getting a 3 bet in there before the flush gets there knowing you wont give action if it does get there or he has AK + tough part is getting that info and defining his hand ...... so i dont hate calling ..... but then again i am of the school AQ is a the bastard step child hand 99% of the time ..... so i pretty much fold it pre flop OOP
  12. I check shove the flop and then let him make the decision if he calls and the flush draw gets there oh welll but his bet on the flop doesnt scream a set it looks more like trying to get money in the pot in case the flush draw gets there and he figures you wont put any more money in the pot if that scenario happens
  13. Barry turned his hand face up with the strong c bet which makes dwans re pop look that much stronger with 7 players behind to act ..... then Peter turns his hand pretty much face up when he flats instantly .... I am pretty much at that point Barry wanted to puke right there on the table .... I dont completely dislike his peeling the flop after the re pop to catch his 2 outer .... Now when the 7 of Diamonds comes off on the turn Dwan Knows Barry is on an over pair and Eastgate has been playing so tight that Dwan Knows he is capable of folding a deuce with a weak kicker .... Now if Barry has a D
  14. Th 45/90/180 mtt's are a good way to build the roll but just remember dont bluff .... it is pretty much like selling a book to someone who cant read .... if they have a pair or catch the board they arent going anywhere which isnt always a bad thing .... in those i play a tight up front loosen up in the middle stages and then tighten up for a bit then close to the final table i loosen back up as some are just trying to ft the thing .... then at the final table i analize and proceed with caution ..... and if your looking for some laughs try the 25 cent 90 man ......
  15. Your facing a raise a ship a re ship and ur figuring the nines may be good? i am pretty sure your drawing to 2 outs ..... short stack ok his range is probably tens or better aj or better but then you have the added complication of the reship knowing he has you behind still to act .... is not exactly what you wanted as matter of fact i probably puke on the keyboard at that point , I still stand by in 3 way action you either coin flipping or way behind ...... Look at the hand from the perspective the short stack has 12 to 15 k in chips and ask yourself are you still calling after a re raise ship
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