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  1. But for a micro limit game?I get the principle (and have read SS) but at these stakes i don't think it gains much value because you're playing against bad players who won't notice and change their play.
  2. I'm going to throw my name out there incase you don't get any other willing participants to take your money, despite the fact i only have 90 posts and doubts have been cast over my intergrity, i assure you i will not scam.
  3. You say you have 10k chips in play but you started the tournament with 16 guys who all got 1000 chips no?
  4. Um, i might be missing some basic strategy point that i'm too noobish to know about but i don't really see what you're getting at.You pushed all in with the best hand, he called you with a worse hand, he got lucky and knocked you out. Doesn't seem anything wrong there that i can see.
  5. Could someone explain the reasoning behind shoving on the flop if you get raised?I don't get it, if he raises then surely you take that to mean he's got a strong hand and that you're probably behind in the hand with nothing but a draw?
  6. PMJackson21 is playing at Elky's table i see
  7. Ahhhh i see, makes sense.How do you know that btw?
  8. My friends beg me non stop to lend them a dollar on pokerstars, i won't even give them that.
  9. What the hell where you doing in the first hand??
  10. You can sheer a sheep every day but you can only skin him once - Amarillo slimOr somethin like that
  11. I'm not saying he's not legit, but that video showed about 10 seconds of him acctualy playing and you couldn't see whether it was 10 tables or twenty.
  12. Have you seen the tables Elky plays?That guys insane, i've seen him playing 3-4 6 handed NL games, 4-5 $100-300 tournaments, and 5-6 $50-150 SNGs at the same time, and every time i check his table he's doing great.
  13. Never lend and addict money.And never play poker with your friends for such high stakes that them losing may affect your friendship with them.
  14. One thing i think is important to remember is that if your playing short handed with people that are familliar with your style of play and you're hardly ever limping in (which isn't a bad strategy for short handed games), don't limp in with aces when you're first in.Even if you have the button and it's folded to you, i still think it is the right move to raise because flat calling the blind will seem odd after you've been raising nearly every time you've been in the pot, they might not notice, but i don't advise playing aces in a shorthanded game differently than you'd play any other playable
  15. Your pre-flop raise is a bit big isn't it? I would have made it a pot size bet on the flop, then on the turn it looks like the BB has two hearts and mp has KQ or maybe even AK.I would bet about $10 on the turn.
  16. Gah, played shit there sorry, i'll repay you as soon as i have the funds.
  17. I'll take it.Bowman90 is my handle on stars
  18. We play blind mans bluff where you see everybody else hole cards but your own, it's great.
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